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Samsung Notebook PC

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Great laptop for everyone


I was in need for a new computer recently  and went to a big box store.   This computer caught my eye and I heard good things for the sales person who was helping me, so went with this model.   The price was right and it was able to do all of the things I need a laptop to do.   It was easy to set up and even comes with its own tutortial program. It has a full size keyboard and an average size screen.   My kids do find that it is easy to play games on, because of its speed and graphics.  I use it to update my blog, and like that I can have many screens open at one time.  I also like that this laptop came with Windows 7.   I love the pretty reddish brown color because it not borning and black like a lot of laptops.  It might be a little on the heavy side, but I normally use it at my computer desk and do not carry it around much.  It has a 4 hour battery life which has not been a problem since I am usually able to plug it back in within that amount of time.  We have had this laptop for 2 months now  and still very happy that we bought it. I recommend it for anyone who needs more than a netbook, but not a high end, super expensive computer. 


Brighton, MI


Fabulous little computer!


I love this computer!  I was a bit concerned initially that the screen size would be too small for me.  However, the incredible quality that it displays pictures and videos in cancels out any potential negatives based on the size.  In other reviews I read that the sound leaves something to be desired.  I haven't noticed any real problems here.  It's not surround sound quality or movie theater quality, but it works and sounds fine to me!  I love the keyboard and find it easier to type on this one than on my previous laptop (HP).  The placement of the track pad is a little left of center and sometimes the pad of my hand will inadvertantly rest on it, causing the size of the font on the screen to increase or decrease.  But that is a relatively minor annoyance.  I highly recommend this computer for general computer use.  If you're in to gaming, I would take the next step up to the Samsung R580.


Chicago, IL


Samsung Notebook PC

4.5 2