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Samsung 600 Watt 0.5 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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My former roommate left this microwave behind when he moved out 17 years ago. It was old then and it's still going strong! .



It's still working after 20 years.


Even though the wattage is low and the controls are analog (one power level; just a dial you turn), I've been reluctant to replace this microwave oven because it just keeps working! I just use it to reheat things and make kale chips, so it's been fine. If it's a little slower, no big deal. The only downside has been that the power is too low for popcorn. But now there's a lot of rust in the interior, and there could be radiation leakage, so it's time to move on. I applaud Samsung for making such a reliable, long-lasting machine. Performance Excellent performance relative to wattage. Settings/Features One power level. No features. But it has a glass turntable. Ease of Use There's nothing to do but turn it on! Design white, clean-looking



Samsung microwave was pretty good for price


This samsung microwave lasted us a long time, and then when it was malfunctioning we had to let it go and upgrade, but I wanted to review our older microwave as it was good and lasted a pretty decent time. We had this microwave for years so when it broke down, it wasn't that much of a surprise, we use it til we could no longer use it. Problems we had towards the end of its heating life was that they timer button stopped stopping, so when the heating time was up we just had to stand by it to turn it off manually. Also we could not leave the door closed because of that particular problem as it would have never turned off. It cooked evenly, and it worked very well, we will miss it, it was simple and easy to use, and effective. Didn't take much space.

Colton, CA


Samsung microwave oven is great


We have had our handy microwave oven by samsung for years, it is very reliable and works great. I like the white clean color of it, I feel it makes it look very sophisticated. This is a simple microwave oven, it is not a fancy hard to use microwave oven. Any one can get the nag of it easily. I sometimes work in different offices, and they have some fancy microwaves, but they are annoying, I spend most of my lunch time trying to figure out how to make it function! So i am very much for the simple easy to use microwaves. This cooks evenly and rotates easily while it is heating, it is easy to clean with its removable rotating plate. The dials are easy to understand and use. If you want to cook potatoes for example you just move the dial and you are set.

San Bernardino, CA


For the money, Samsung is an outstanding choice


If you're looking for a basic, no frills microwave oven that will last and do the job, this is it.  I have an appalling lack of counterspace in my home and needed a reasonably sized microwave that could still deliver the goods.  This was an excellent choice.  It is compact enough to fit in a corner of my counter.  The interior is still large enough for your standard dinner plate and tall enough to defrost large roasts.  This unit does not have the power of some of the larger and more expensive units.  Nor does it have some of the functions that more elaborate models may have.  For basic cooking and defrosting you may have to allow a little extra time than a more powerful model.  The unit is easy to use and the door pops open easily with hand (important when you have a plateful of food in the other hand).  The rotating glass circle in the interior makes the food cook/heat relatively evenly.  The unit is easy to clean and attractive.  All in all a great purchase for someone who doesn't need a machine with a lot of frills.

Loveland, OH


Samsung 600 Watt 0.5 Cubic Feet Microwave Oven

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