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Samsung 1100 Watt 1.8 Cubic Feeet Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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I would not buy this product again


This product is poorly built Handle broke after 2 years has been glued on several times. Handle made of plastic, Stopped heating after 7 years


Montezuma Iowa

Samsung microwave works great, but cheaply made.


The Samsung over-the-range microwave oven works great for all your daily needs such as reheating food and cooking frozen vegetables. The Samsung microwave also has many functional options, such as a popcorn and baked potato keypad. However, the durability of the Samsung construction is where this microwave desparately falls short. We purchased this microwave just over one year ago and recently the handle broke off. You may think, "What!" There was no rough use of the microwave. I just simply tried to open the microwave one day and the handle completely broke off into my hand. Upon further inspection I identified the main problem. The handle was attached only by plastic pieces. Obviously any product that has to endure constant tugging in order to use it should be supported by metal, not plastic. We have yet to replace the handle, since Samsung's website only carries one of a different finish color. So, we are forced to open the microwave by inching our fingers underneath where the door and oven meet and then tugging with all of our might. Needless to say, not to friendly on the fingertips and nails. In all, due to the poor construction, I would not recommend purchase of this product!


Morrisonville, NY


Great Microwave


I have the samsung smh7185wg and it works wonderfully. It does so many things you would think it was a cell phone. It does take a while to get used to because you have so many options to make. You can melt butter, warm kids meals ect ect. Just so many helpful options you couldnt believe it. It even tells you have to make snacks?!!! Can you believe that?! This thing is built really good as well, very sturdy and well bult. But then again samsung is a really good brand. I have no regrets about this, it fits right over my stove and comes in white which matches it good. It also comes in silver and black. But I think the white looks the most futeristic. I would recommend this to anyone that asked me about it because it works so well.


Glendale, AZ


Samsung 1100 Watt 1.8 Cubic Feeet Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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