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Samsung 1.8 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave 1,100 Watts, Black


This microwave features 12 sensor cooking options to effectively cook defrost and reheat a variety of foods The turntable can be turned on or off for versatile cooking options

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The Samsung 1.8 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave Oven is the best microwave I've ever owned. It's fast, powerful and efficient. I love that there are specific heating options that take all of the guesswork out of proper heating times. I have used the pizza setting to zap cold, leftover pizza, and it's turned out perfectly. The popcorn setting is one of my go-tos because I always seem to burn popcorn, but this microwave knows just the right amount of time to pop the maximum number of kernels without burning any of the bag. The quick heat option allows me to just pop in an item and heat it for one minute or even thirty seconds at a time. I can then add time if needed. This is probably my favorite feature. Cleanup is easy with this microwave as well. Performance Works quickly and efficiently. Settings/Features The heating options making it so easy to reheat and cook different types of food. Ease of Cleaning I heat a cup of water with a paper towel and then wipe it down. Everything comes right off. Ease of Use There are so many heating options that you really don't even have to think about how long or which power level when cooking your food. Durability I've had mine for almost 4 years, and it's still going strong. Design I love that it fits over the range so I don't have to give up counter space.



Samsung 1.8 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave 1,100 Watts, Black

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