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Toddler Car Seats
Safety 1st
Safety 1st Deluxe High Back Belt Positioning Booster

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I love this carseat


I recently became a Car Safety Technician. I learned a lot about carseats. Even though we don't reccomend a certain brand I got hands on experience with a lot of different ones. I really like this carseat because it allows my 4 year old to be in a 5 point harness a lot longer than most carseats. It is easy to use, fits him comfortably and is safer since I am able to use the 5 point harness. This carseat will also be able to be used as a belt positioning booster when he gets too big for  harness. This carseat will get several more years of use out of it. When my other kids get big enough this is the carseat I will buy. I am use to buying Britax but this carseat suprised me that it was so affordable and yet in my opinion just as safe as the britax I was used to buying. My only regret is that I didn't buy the black one. I have seen it in person and I like it better than the blue one I bought but other than that its great!


Sheridan, IN


The cadillac of Car seats


My grandson sits high and loves that he can see everything around him.  If I don't put his arm rest down, he does it with this cutest little smile.  Comfy, safe and easy to clean.  Love the cup holder too!


Melbourne, FL


Kids Love it! Safety1st High Back Booster gives parents security


I bought this seat for my child because he was too long for standard toddler seats.  We have been using it for five years now.  For the child, he feels like a big boy because he sits up, has a little freedom to move, but his seat is better than mine because it has cup and snack holders, and built in arm rests.  I love it because I can adust the seat belt in the car, bring it through the seat and over the child.  Its that easy!  If he's going to grandma's, no problem, less than a minute to move it from my car to hers.  No climbing over trying to run the sealt belt through the tiny hole under it or behind it, or any other complications.  Not only that, but very lightweight so the parent trying to juggle the child, seat, diaper bag/purse, coffee can manage with no strain!  I am not a brand loyal cusomer, I search for cost/quality, and were I to need another seat, I would buy the Safety First Deluxe High Back Belt Positioning Booster again!  I recommend it to all my family and friends.


Gresham, OR


Safety 1st Deluxe High Back Belt Positioning Booster

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