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Evenflo Symphony DLX All-In-One Car Seat

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Great quality product


This car seat was purchase bought to replace my daughters infant car seat when she was 10 months old. It's a great value for cost. I was able to use it rear facing and now changed to a front facing car seat. Rear facing is a little difficult to install in the car due to having to take off or undo the cover to run the seat belt through it. It is also bulky so when trying to get into the back seat of a vehicle can take a bit of work including moving the front seat to get in place. But once it is in place the straps are easy to losses and tighten as needed for my daughter growing or depending on thickness of clothes. the seat seems to be comfortable. Only other issue is leg room. As my daughter is tall and can't really straighten out her lags rear facing even though she is within height and weight for it to be rear facing. If I have another child I would buy the same seat again!

Missoula, MT


Awesome Car Seat


I got this car seat as a gift at my baby shower after registering for it. I really didn't know what to register for since I was a first time mom, but I lucked out. This is a great car seat. It has a high safety rating and 3 layers of side impact protection. I love that. It is big and bulky and takes up a lot of room in the backseat (it would be hard for someone to sit in the middle seat next to the car seat), but it looks and feels plush and comfy. My son never fusses when getting into it and settles into it nicely. The fabric has a cooling system in it that dissipates heat from your child's body or insulates in the cold. I live in the desert where it is over 100 degrees for months in the summer and cold in the winter. This was a great feature. Another nice feature is there are pockets for the metal buckles to go into when not in use so they don't sit in the hot sun and burn babies skin. It has different incline levels that adjust easily as baby grows. This car seat can be rear facing and then forward facing and then a booster so could be used from birth to 110lbs. Only car seat you would need to buy. Overall, I am super satisfied with this seat and recommend it to anyone looking to buy a car seat.

Bakersfield, Ca


Best Car Seat


I absolutely LOVE this car seat! It is incredibly quick and easy to install and uninstall with its latching system. I use it daily while babysitting and am able to quickly remove it when my family needs more room in the evening. One of the best things is because it uses the latch system I don't need to worry about the seat-belts tilting the car seat into a sideways position like my other car seat did. Without a locking clip my van seat belts never kept rear facing seats flat on the seat and trying to use a locking clip was nearly impossible as my belts did not want to bend into them. Plus if I did get it right I needed to remove it every time we needed to use the seat for an adult. This seat solved the problem and is so easy! Ease of Installation It is incredibly quick and easy to install with its latching system, only requiring you to connect the SureLatch to the car anchors then push the car seat toward the seat of the car. The SureLatch can be heard ratcheting tighter into position. Child's Comfort Certainly seems comfortable. I like the rear facing angle as it is laying down but not as flat as some infant seats. Support and Safety Child is well supported and safe. The headrest adjusts as child grows and sides are made to be safer in a side crash. However this does make the seat rather bulky, but safety is my first priority! Not sure how well it would work in a small car if used rear facing. Ease of Use Very easy once you realize you are adjusting the straps around baby's waist when pulling the adjust belt and not at the neck as most seats adjust. Shoulder straps never need to be adjusted in back as they adjust with each use. Design The only thing I would change is to make another slot for the buckle closer to the baby. Once you remove the infant insert the buckle between the legs seems a little too far from the child. Durability Definitely seems like it will hold up very well.

Tampa, FL


Safe and Secure in my Symphony


Affordable, dependable car seat to last a long time for your precious cargo. This is an awesome car seat that won't break the bank. Ease of Installation Two options for installation. the anchor strap or the seat belt option. We have our 17 month old rear facing and use the anchor in our SUV. Installation is really fast and I am comfortable with how little the seat moves. It is also fairly easy to move from one car to the other. Child's Comfort Lot's of room to grow in this car seat by removing padding. 17 month old daughter is rear facing and reclined and falls asleep often in her car seat, even on not so long car rides. Support and Safety I feel that straps are very secure and she has never messed with unbuckling herself. I feel that she is very safe in this seat. The straps keep her in place I feel very confident that she is safe should we be in an accident. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Never have to fuss with the straps getting twisted like with her last seat. Quickly in and out of the car seat when we need to be. Design Very styling. the design is modern and I like it very much. Durability Great car seat. I can see this lasting for a long time for our family. She is rear facing now, but can be turned around to forward facing. When the time comes, it also converts to a booster seat. I think the weight limit is 110 lbs! We'll never have to buy another car seat.



Evenflo Symphony DLX All-In-One Car Seat

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