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Reciprocating Saws
Ryobi RJ162V Reciprocating Saw

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Powerful machine that can do anything


Ryobi reciprocating saw is corded electric saw with multiple blades and plastic carrying case. This saw works well for medium jobs around the house. It has enough power to cut through solid wood and it can be used indoors and out. I have used mine for jobs that are too big for a hand saw. There are very minor problems with this reciprocating saw. It is somewhat cumbersome for jobs that require careful cutting. The blade can be difficult to guide, so you would not want to use it for very precise work. It works better cutting through small boards. The blade zips through the wood easily, but for wide boards the difficulty guiding the blade becomes evident. The power cord is a little too long and can be difficult to wind and place back in the carrying case. Blades can bend easily. Overall, this is a good saw. Just use common sense and you should have no problem with it. It is handy for home use. Be safe and keep the power cord out of the way.

Tulsa, OK


Ryobi RJ162V Reciprocating Saw

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