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Color-Enhancing Shampoo, Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair
Rusk Brilliance Shampoo

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A product that I have always found to be perfect for my hair.


I have tried many types of Shampoos before but my favorite has always been rusk. Rusk brilliance has done so much to keep my hair healthy and I trust it with my hair whenever i color it. I used to have so much trouble with my hair but ever since I started using rusk regularly I have noticed an amazing shine and smoothness to my hair. Rusk brilliance is my favorite of the rusk product both because of the beautiful scent and how silky it makes my hair feel. I have also noticed when using Rusk, my colored hair stays longer and I don't need to have it colored as often which is amazing. Effectiveness After using Rusk Brilliance my hair is always smooth and shiny, especially when I using it along with Rusk's conditioners. I find Rusk Brilliance to be extremely trustworthy in keeping my hair healthy and my color look as if I just had it done. My hair stylist is always complimenting me on how healthy my hair is and how my color barely fades after a month or so. Scent Rusk brilliance has the most amazing scent to it.





Brilliance Shampoo by rusk is a great Shampoo for color treated hair. It only needs very little to go a long way and i have long hair! I love it, it gets very lathery and makes my hair squeeky clean. And i use it along with Rusk  leave in conditioner and it works great weather i leave my hair curly or i blow it straight. The best shampoo by far! I have used it for years! you should try it!!

Port Richey, FL


Rusk Brilliance Shampoo

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