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Roux Lash & Brow Tint

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Excellent product if you know what to expect


Roux lash and brow tint is an excellent product if you have realistic expectations. It is a very liquid tinting product. It will stain skin. The "remover" is bleach. Yes, it will irritate if you get it by your eye. Try very hard to avoid mistakes. Don't do this in a hurry. Take your time and tint them several times if it doesn't work out the first time. You will get better at it. You do not want to get this solution in your eyes. If you have super sensitive eyes that water easily, perhaps this is not for you. If you do not have a steady hand or eye, do not attempt to apply this product. Have it done in a salon you trust with an experienced technician. I do it myself with excellent results. I find it very easy to apply. It's been around since I was in my teens. It does not thicken or lengthen your lashes, it merely puts color on the lashes. You end up with a slight color framing of the eye. For me, given my coloring, that's significant. It's NOT enough definition for when you wear eyemakeup and if you use foundation, it will slightly color over the lashes and reduce the effect. But, when I wake up, I have eyes and when I don't wear makeup, I look a bit more awake and finished. I am blonde and fair, my lashes are a very light ash blonde, at 50, they are thinner than they used to be. I have a rabbit eye look, so I use the black for my lashes. I pre-trim the eyeguards for a good fit up to my lash and put the vaseline only on them. If I use vaseline on my top lid skin, I do so sparingly, because even a small amount will prohibit color transfer on the lash. I put a bit on the cotton swab and take my finger to smooth it out, then apply it to my lid. I also very lightly apply a super thin coat of vaseline to my fingertips and rub in it so I do not stain my fingertips should the solution run down the q-tip shaft, and sometimes, it does. When you apply solution #1, if you get some on the skin of the lid or under the lashes, immediately take a clean Q-tip and remove all the excess liquid. If you do not, even if it feels dry, the #2 solution will take and stain your lid where solution #1 was.  I use separate -tips to apply the solutions each time and do not re-dip into the bottles. Do one eye at a time. Afterwards, I rinse my eyes with lots of water and a mild foaming facial cleanser. I love the results. The first time you use it, do it on a Fri. night in case you get a bit on you so it can fade.   As for brows, unless you are very good, I find it too easy to make a mistake and look like groucho...I also find the brown is too dark for my brows, so I use Just for Men beard dye. It's a gel and it is so easy to use. You do not want to leave it on as long as they state, but it's great for covering gray brows or light brows and there is more of a color choice over black or brown. You CANNOT and should not use this on your lashes, however.

Dawsonville, GA


Roux Lash and Brow Tint is an outstanding product


Roux Lash and Eyebrow Tint is one of the most outstanding Beauty Products that I am aware of. I have naturally Blonde hair and my eyebrows are so light that you cannot see them with out some help. I could never stand the made up look of using an eyebrow pencil to line my eyebrows and when I would try to use mascara  It would always show on my skin before the day is over and much to made up looking. I tint my eyebrows and eye lashes about once every three weeks and do not have to use Eye brow pencils or mascara and my eyebrows and eye lashes look very natural. The good thing is you can tint them as light or dark as you wish. You can go swimming and the tint does not come off like Eyebrow Pencils and most mascara. The bottles of tint last through many applications. I think it usually lasts me almost a year. I would really be upset if this product was discontinued. This is a product that I highly recommend.

Pineville, LA


Roux lash and Brow tint Awesome to the MAX


The roux lash and brow tint is a wonderful product but with any staines there are some tips of the trade you will need to know before doing its at home - its very hard to do on by yourself on the lashes - always put protective cream such as vasaline on the areas of skin you dont want stained - never mix the two bottles togeather you will actavate the tint and you will have wasted the product - follow all safty porcedures - only last from 3-6 months due to your eyelashes/ brows replenishing - this is a ***STAIN  ***not a color

Franklin, NH


You should try Godefroy TInt Kit


I have used roux a bunch of times and it works okay - a little messy and expensive for just me.  I tried the Godefroy Instant Eyebrow tint and love it - so easy, lasts longer, not messy, a lot more color options.  You should try it.  Not sure where to get it - store wise - but you can get it on the internet.

Arlington, TX


Roux Lash & Brow Tint

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