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Rockstar - Roasted Coffee & Energy - Light Vanilla

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Coffee+Energy+Vitamins-added fat and sugar=Rockstar Coffee Light


Last night, I was on the phone talking to my girlfriend who needed help losing some weight. After talking for 2 hours, I asked her what her typical daily meals comprised of.  **I freaked out** when she told me that every morning for the past 8 months she was drinking a *Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha Breve*!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  Well, I can't really blame her because one of the barista suggested that she get it breve style....I would never recommend a super large breve drink to anyone!!!!!  My friend use to order her drink with 2% milk, which I believe would have been a litle better....but that barista just killed my friend with the breve!!!! Anyway, ***I had highly suggested*** **Rockstar Vanilla Light** because you get the **coffee** taste, you got some flavor **sweetness** to it with the vanilla, **PLUS **you get the B vitamins and the other added stuff **AND IT COST less** than her fancy "killer" coffee drink!!!....I'm always looking for good energy drinks plus I'm a coffee lover and what a better way to merge both and not have the high calories, fancy fixings, and expense....plus you don't have to drive to a coffee shop...you can buy a case of it and leave it in the fridge...you can freeze it, keep it cold or drink it warm...what more can you ask for....it's a good drink that has more than just coffee and it's not just an energy drink....if you're conscious of calories, carb, and fat....well, Rockstar Vanilla Light is the answer for now until I find something better....I usually drink it on my way to the gym...I told my girlfriend to try it out so this way she still can have her sweet coffee and a little more and it won't kill her like the Starbucks 960 calorie and 60g+ fat drink - I JUST COULDN"T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!  At that rate she can drink a 6 pack of ROCKSTAR VANILLA LIGHT and she would be better off!!!!!  **I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND ROCKSTAR VANILLA LIGHT!!!!**  I wish ROCKSTAR would come out with more light coffee flavors....


Honolulu, HI


Smell it. But don't drink it.


**Rockstar's Roasted Coffee & Energy** energy drinks were on sale while walking down the clearance isle of a local Walgreens. And I do mean on sale - they were 74 cents each. Being a coffee drinker and an energy drink drinker, and with a positive experience with the original Rockstar drink, why not? Unforunately, Rockstar Roasted Coffee & Energy Light Vanilla is not a rock and roll winner, but more like a rock-down loser. Each bottle of Rockstar Roasted Energy, regardless of the flavor, contains 15 ounces. This is an actual energy drink, not a sports drink, so it contains plenty of B vitamins (notably B3, B5, B6, and B12) and a large amount of taurine and caffeine. An 8 ounce serving of the light version of this drink is only 50 calories and very low in both fat and sodium. The can says it has 80% less calories than the original, so the original would still only be a modest 90 calories per serving. I was looking forward to the taste. After chilling the energy drink overnight, I opened up the bottle, looked at the color and consistency, and thought, *"It doesn't seem that bad."* I took a taste and thought it had a pretty good coffee and milk combination, but slightly too sweet. But what aftertaste came up afterwards was far less than sweet. The aftertaste I got was a strange, almost liquid medicine-like flavor. I was only able to drink a quarter of it before I marked it intolerable. So all around, Rockstar Roasted Coffee & Energy is a good idea with a poor execution. The idea of bringing coffee taste into an energy drink would be a great accomplishment, but Rockstar failed on this one. I can't recommend it; there are better options all across the board for everything Roasted Coffee & Energy does, at least the Light Vanilla flavor.


Tucson, AZ


Rockstar - Roasted Coffee & Energy - Light Vanilla

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