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Diet Drink, Iced Tea
Gold Peak
Gold Peak - Tea: Iced Tea, Diet

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Best Diet Tea Ever!!


I'm diabetic and needed a no calorie/no carb tea. This is it! Seriously, it tastes awesome and I have actually lost some weight! :) It's made by Coca~Cola so that puts my trust in it as well. Try it.


Florence, SC


I have bought a lot of this product


I have bought a lot of this product but every now and then you will get a bottle that has a metallic smell. I dump it. Will not drink with that smell or bad taste


Mason city. Iowa


This Tea is Simply Delicious!!!!


I follow a low calorie diet and am always looking for delicious zero calorie drinks, and Diet Gold Peak Tea is my favorite! It doesn't have the gross or chalky "diet" after taste and honestly, it tastes almost like regular sweet tea. I let one of my friends try, and she didn't know the difference! It has no preservatives and is really refreshing! I always stock up on it when I go to the grocery -- it comes in the 18.5 fl oz bottles or the 59 fl oz carafe bottles. So, definitely give the diet version a try! If not, any of the other flavors are delicious as well(esp. the green tea)! :)


New Orleans, LA


I love, love, love gold peak tea


**I have been drinking gold peek tea for about 1  years now and i love it my favorite is the green tea by gold peek it is sweet enough and it my fix ,some people have coffee or energy drink well i have gold peek green tea and i would even go on tv and say it if you want to make my day just buy me a gold peek green tea. I am even know at stores as the person that buys all the green tea.**


Livingston, LA


Refreshingly 0 caleries!


   I was looking for a cool, tasty refreshment on my way out from shopping. Since I'm trying to lose weight, I'm trying to drink more water, but when my buds are craving a fluid with flavor, I'm always trying to look for the 0 calorie kind.    I looked to my right and saw a small refrigerator with Gold Peak Diet Iced Tea. I was pleased to notice that it's 0 calories . . . and yum! It's simple tea with just the right amount of sweet and so good.    Find Gold Peak Teas in five different flavors at your local grocer!


Yucca, AZ


Gold Peak - Tea: Iced Tea, Diet

4.8 5