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Anti-Aging Day Creams
RoC Age Diminishing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

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I love this product


I have been using this product for one month and it is great (ROC facial anti aging) The feel is nice not sticky and it washes off my hands easily no mess. i use it before bed and do not need to worry about leaving a  mess on the sheets or covers It leaves my face feeling soft and clean While I have not tried a lot of facial products before this one seems ot do the job I want I am in my fifties and find I need to use something every night on my face or it befores extremely dey in the winter. This product seems to keep my face smooth without a greasy feeling I would recomend this product to other women in my age group. I use a tanning bed in the spring and hope this will keep my face from drying out too much from the tanning bed i will let you know I am hoping to try other procts form the ROC company I have read many reviews and have tried other products but this seems to work best for my needs

Cumberland, MD


It was not what was advertised.


If I had very dry skin, then this would be the product for me, but since I have combination skin, it just made me break out.  It may work for older people, but it may not be a great product for a person in there late 30's. When I purchased the product, I was told it would take years off my age, but I never thought I would need an acne cream after using this product.  It left my skin very oily and It felt dirty after using this product. This product may work for some, but it did nothing for me.  I would highly recomend this to smokers who have very dry skin or for people who came out of the sun and ended up with a nasty burn and need the extra oils in there skin.  But for normal to oily skin, it is not the product to use. My mother who is older uses it, and seems to be ok with the product, so again, it is not for me, but may work for others.

Von Ormy, TX


Roc is a not so different moisturizer


I purchased Roc Age Diminishing Day Cream due to the reviews I'd read elsewhere and to help combat my dry skin.  I can say that from my experience there are other less expensive products that work just as well.  I have not a slight improvment with the dryness, but nothing worth the extra expense. 

Tulsa, OK


RoC Did Not "Keep It's Promise" to Me


I bought RoC's Age Diminishing Day Cream with SPF 15, and I am disapointed in the product. Namely because this product claims to be oil-free, but when it is applied to my face, it feels greasy and does not absorb into my skin at all. The ingredients in this product are great, but it just does not work for my skin which tends to be on the oily side. For people who suffer from dry facial skin, it may be the perfect solution for an anti-aging day cream. I actually use this as a night cream sometimes so I do get the benefit of the great ingredients.

Lancaster, CA


RoC Age Diminishing Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

2.5 4