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Neutrogena Clinical

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This Neutrogena anti-aging clinical serums work well in my experience. There are 2 parts, one is the wrinkle-reducer-type serum and then it is followed by a moisturizer as well. They leave your face feeling fresh and new and brighter the morning after application. However, I do not think this would do the trick for deep wrinkles or any affect you would like long-term. It sort of just primes your face and leaves under eye circles and wrinkles there not quite as noticeable. Not sure if it would be worth spending the the original price on this product, but there are sometimes rebate opportunities out there, in which case I would spring at the chance to try this product if you haven't already! I recommend it.


Hales Corners, WI


Love the feel on my face but noticed no improvement in skin.


I love the feeling of my skin after applying product. Face feels smooth and soft. I have not noticed an actual improvement in my skin though. I use this product more as a moisturizer. Absorption This product seems to absorb quickly....you don't feel any residual greasiness. Doesn't Clog Pores My skin is sensitive on either side of my chin near corners of mouth. I usually have a outbreak there when i try new products. I did get a blemish on one side after starting this product. Effectiveness I really don't see much of a difference in my skin.


Elmer, NJ


Neutrogena Clinical Really Works!


  I am a Bzz agent and I was sent The Neutrogena Clinical Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment as part of a BZZ Campaign. My task is  to test the product and provide truthful feedback.  The product promises to visibly smooth lines and firm skin.  The product is easy to use. First you apply a gel serum and then an activating cream that contains an SPF 30.  I have been using the product for 2 weeks and can attest to the fact that it does do what it promises.  I have dry skin. The products make your skin silky smooth and after only two weeks it is softening the appearance of fine lines. My skin does look and feel firmer, all after just two weeks of us. I certainly recommend this product to anyone who needs a boost in building firmer, softer skin and smoothing facial wrinkles. Absorption Absorbs very well. leaves skin feeling soft Doesn't Clog Pores No problem at all with clogged pores. Effectiveness the product did work for me. It minimized fine lines and wrinkles and did not irriitate my skin


Glendale, CA


Very Impressive :o)


I love this product, I could actually see and feel it working, impressive. I was so surprised, as soon as I applied the product the first time, I could actually feel my skin getting taunter and firmer, also I could see a difference on the skin tone.  But don't let this fool you so could my family, they also noticed a change on my skin appearance. I love how this feels when you apply the products so light and smooth, no greasy or oily feeling. I live in South Florida so when it gets hot and you go outdoors, guess what, you sweat! Well, not with this product you don't! I was really surprised becasue normally when you apply the vast mayority of products to your face and body there always is a small level of oily or clogged feeling, but not with this one!! One thing that I found interesting as to the usage of this product, my fingerprints became smoother with the application to my face although I was washing my hands after doing so.




Neutrogena Clinical is Expensive but Worth It


I'm not one of those people who believe that the more you spend on the product, the better it will work. I'm also skeptical when it comes to products that claim it will make you look younger. However, when it comes to Neutrogena Clinical, I found my skepticism to be unwarranted. Because I found a good sale, along with a mail-in rebate, I was able to score the anti-aging product for little more out of pocket than I typically pay for a moisturizer. Although there are two steps, a serum, followed by a moisturizer, the process is easy and doesn't take long. My skin immediately felt softer and smoother. Within two weeks, I saw visible, although not dramatic, results. The furrow in my brow wasn't as deep and my crow's feet around my eyes were less visible. With continued use, my skin became even smoother and less blotchy. I also found that my makeup went on smoother. Neutrogena is a brand that you can trust and this product delivers on its promises.


Hammond, IN


Best Food for nourishing wrinkle free skin


I was not sure about this product when I first bought but once I saw the wonders it was doing for my skin I was hooked. I went out and bought another one. I noticed a great improvement in my skin almost a week after I started using it. The ion2 complex for the day works. Before I started using it, I had tiny spots on my face that gave my face a very rough feel. My face was also very dry. I noticed that once I stared using this product, my skin began to feel smooth and firm. My skin also looked more supple and well hydrated. I am still enjoy the baby-like skin that my face now has. My face is now firmer and tighter with less wrinkles. My boyfriend attest to my new facial skin and he loves it. Thank you neutrogena ion2 complex. The spf 15 it has also protects my skin. This is very vital since I live in Arizona. I think everyone shoud try this product especially younger people who have problems with tiny spots on their face. I will keep using this product. You should too.


Tucson, AZ


Neutrogena Clinical feels great on my skin.


Neutrogena Clinical is a good new find. The tiny bottles are lasting much longer than I expected and feel so great on my skin. I don't think I have been using the product long enough to comment on it's effectiveness as an anti-wrinkle treatment, but as a daily moisturizer, it is very nice. The product is a little pricier than some others out there, but certainly not up there with the make-up counter varieties. I think it's a good happy-medium in the world of anti-wrinkle creams. And of course, there is no reason NOT to be putting an SPF 30 sunscreen on every morning. It takes no more time than a non SPF moisturizer so why not? I also really like the packaging - the little dual holder keep the bottles from getting lost in my medicine cabinet and their small size allows me to travel with them. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family and will likely be buying in again in the near future.


Los Angeles, CA




I've been trying different products for several years now,  I've switched between Olay & Neutrogena brands, I've tried Mary Kay products, Avon and a litany of brands I can't even remember right now.  My medicine cabinet is full of half used potions, lotions and serums that have a lot of marketing hype but very little results.  Now comes Neutrogena's Clinical with ion2complex, whatever that really means.  I was sceptical at first, and frankly I am still somewhat sceptical about how much it will improve my skin and appearance over the long term.  But I gotta tell you, I was impressed from my very first application.  I have combination skin, very dry cheeks and very very oily t-zone.  With my first application of the ion2complex and activating cream, my skin felt immediately smoother and softer.  My skin didn't have that shine (which is typical after using Olay).  I can't really tell you that my fine lines vanished.  In fact they are still very much present...but they "appear" to be less noticeable - at least to me.  But most importantly, my skin feels great, as I said, it's softer and smoother to the touch, and it's not greasy or shinny in the middle of the day.  That alone has me sold on this product.  After 3 weeks of use, I'm waiting to see what it does about fine lines....stay tuned.


Rainier, OR


neutrogena clinical is by far the best


 I have had the honor of trying neotrogena clinical anti aging serum for the past month as a bzz agent reviewing the product. I would like all women to know how impressed I am with the product and how well it has worked for me. The ion2 formula is amazing. The very first week of use my skin was left softer and more supple. Each application seems to improve the the appeaance of my skin and now afte a month my skin is visably younger looking. I am recieving compliments on my skin as I never have before and with each compliment I am more confident and carefree about my appearance. Living in Florida and being a sun worshiper reaked havoc on my skin but neutrogena clinical has helped me turn it around. I have used many products but this one works best. It does all it claims and more. I have reccomended this to many other women and no one has been disappointed.


Lake Worth, FL


Does Neutrogena Clinical work?


Check out our interview with Mary Lupo, MD, a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Tulane Medical School and former president of the Women's Dermatologic Society. We asked her to tell us: [Does Neutrogena Clinical really work][1] ? If you've tried Neutrogena Clinical, make sure to write your own [Neutrogena Clinical review][2] . We want to hear what you have to say! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/thegoods/Neutrogena-Clinical-Does-It-Work [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Neutrogena-Clinical-reviews


Chicago, IL


Neutrogena Clinical

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