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Rival IB954W 2-Speed Handheld Blender

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Impulse purchase that paid off


I was stuck in a long checkout line at the drug store and this cute little immersion blender was on sale for $8 at the end cap. My old Waring blender is in the cabinet up above my refrigerator, seldom used and collecting dust because I just don't have the counter space for it. So I figure what do I have to lose for such low cost. It's been such a joy. I use it right on the stove top to whisk in corn starch to thicken gravies and sauces. I pop it in a tumbler to mix up a frozen cocktail or a milkshake. As long as I leave about a 2 inch splash zone it works a treat. It's not all that powerful compared to other immersion blenders on the market but it handles 2 large cubes of ice very easily, and that's really all you need for one glass. I can't see why I'd ever need a more powerful or expensive unit. It cleans up so easily. Just immerse it in a glass of water with a drop of dishwashing liquied and turn it on. No hassles, no problems.


Allentown, PA


Blending made easy


This is a great at home product, great for all jobs! Blending Power This is powerful enough for a fruit smoothing, a creamy milk shake or de-lumping your gravy! Versatility This can be used on the stove in a pan of gravy or soup. I have used to cream soup on the stove top, right in the pan. It can be used in a cup to make a smoothie or shake. No extra dishes to wash! Ease of Cleaning This is the easiest thing I have ever cleaned! Dip the mixing end in a sink of dish water, run and clean! I use a disinfecting wipe on the handle and clean up is a breeze! Ease of Use This is a very straight forward grip and go design. You submerge the blending end into whatever you want to blend and squeeze the handle. This tool is simple enough a teenager can use it to make their own smoothie! Design Again, very straight forward. No assembly and comfortable for your hand while in use. Durability This is made for regular home use. I have had no problems making and blending any dishes for it. I have seen larger submersion blenders for large jobs, but for at home, this is enough.




I really love my Rival Hand Held Blender!


This is a terrific little hand held blender from Rival. I have had mine for years now and still going strong. Great for smoothies, gravy, solids that are cut small, mixing batter and many other uses I have found over the years. Easy to clean-up and takes very little room to store. Do not use in really hot food, it can damage the blender. When blending ice, use one cube at a time. The price was way less than many of the immersible blenders but I can't imagine them being enough better to justify the big price jump.


Toccoa, GA


Rival IB954W 2-Speed Handheld Blender

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