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Restonic Princess Memory Foam Mattress

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IF I HAD THE MONEY i would buy


I stayed in friends for months on this is was nice just not for me I have pressure points and this mattress did not help me with pain.


oak harbor wa


Great Mattress!


When my wife and I needed a new bed, we went and were looking at buying a tempur pedic or an Ashley furniture mattress that was memory foam. The prices of the tempur pedic were a little bit more (well a lot more) than we really wanted to end up spending. We went to a store that sold Ashley and had ordered one and the salesperson LIED to us, so we decided to check out a small hometown type furniture store and found they sold restonic. We love this mattress. From the first moment that we both sat down on it, it felt so good and so very comfortable. We love this mattress and have had it for about a year now. We just switch it every 3 months from head to foot and it is as comfortable as ever. It stays nice and cool and is always great for our backs. We both sleep like babies and I have a back injury from when I was in Iraq so this has been something that has improved my sleep and quality of life every single day.




The best sleep I've ever had


I love this restonic mattress. I bought one for every bed in the house. When I went shopping for a new mattress, the salesman told me this was the one to buy. I was concerned because it was so expensive. I thought that it could not be worth the cost. However, once I had one full night's sleep on this mattress, I knew that it WAS WORTH EVERY CENT. It did take me a year of my life to pay for it but IT IS ONE OF THE FEW THINGS THAT I OWN THAT I FEEL IS REALLY WORTH THE COST. The thing about the restonic mattress is that it molds to your body without being too soft or too firm. It is JUST RIGHT ALL THE TIME. It does not get too hot either, which can happen with some mattresses. One thing that is necessary is that it must be turned every few months or it will begin to dent in on place. This is just a small inconvenience to have such a wonderful mattress. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to Simmons or Sealy again.


Gallup, NM


Restonic Princess Memory Foam Mattress

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