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Restava Astoria Memory Foam Mattress

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the most comfortable matress i ever had


awsome matress


casablanca Morocco


The mattress is romantic and comfortable


The bed has a beautiful and very attractive view and makes your night very romantic and comfort I have such a bed and I relax very much when I sleep above him especially with my wife I have a romantic night and beautiful especially since the bed has good stability and does not produce any sound and large enough for two people with a very large space, More comfortable Once, my wife and I went to a hotel and found such a bed and we were very happy because you have the bed in the house and we found him in the hotel and we spent a comfortable and good night and felt that we are in our house and we are not in a hotel I recommend everyone to buy it and get rest and sleep deeply and live in romantic moments beautiful romantic



I'm so glad I did


I was hesitant as all get out about purchasing a mattress online, but I figured I'd give this one a shot. I'm so glad I did! I'm a 250 lb'er who's left dents in memory foam in the past, plus I get hot when I sleep and I'm too close to menopause to find any humor in waking up several times in a night drenched in sweat. Boy am I glad I found this bad boy! This mattress is a dream! I've slept like a baby since I purchased this mattress in February (It's late May now) and I love it! I've even put flannel sheets on it (it gets cold in this house at night) and I'm soooo comfortable! It's firm enough to give me the support I need, it gives enough for me to sleep on my side or my back or my belly (depending where the cat plants himself), I sit on the same corner of the bed pretty much every day in order to reach the power outlet and there's no sign of the corner sagging at all. It didn't smell for long upon opening it - I had opened the windows and was prepared for a stink but the smell dissipated in less than 10 minutes and it puffed right up to it's full size within about an 30 minutes out of the packaging. I couple of tips I would recommend - get someone to help you move it, the packaging is deceptively compact so I thought I could manage it myself once the delivery guy dropped it off. Clearly that man is Hercules because the package and I wrestled like the WWF trying to get it from the front door up to my attic bedroom and over to the place where it would be opened up. Also, though it's easy to unpack, weirdly, it unfurls so that the top is on the bottom when you open the package (or at least mine did) necessitating flipping the thing over. (Round two at the WWF) It's thinner than I thought it would be but that would be due to my eyeballing the height - when I used a tape measure it matched the description as promised. I'm using it on a slatted mattress frame - you'd need a box spring or platform under it for sure, or it would need to be on the floor as it has to


Hesperia, CA.


great for back pain


Before purchasing this, I had look into other mattresses like Tempurpedic; but the cost was too much for me to afford. I didn't have much money to spend on something that expensive or the cash to buy a good bed; but Restava Astoria Memory Foam Mattress falls in my budget range. I have chronic back pain due to scoliosis so I needed a good mattress that was within my price range and this mattress nail that part. Restava Astoria Memory Foam Mattress is breathable and it contains a soft gel that alleviates accumulated heat so you can sleep better at night without waking up restless. Overall, the bed is good for people with fibromaylgia since the mattress contours the outline of your body making it soothing to fall asleep. It conforms your body and the soft gel the mattress has gets rid of the heat it accumulates from your body. So each night you'll be able to sleep a good night's rest.




Restava is a scam.


They compare their mattresses to Tempurpedic memory foam but it's all smoke and mirrors. This is NOT memory foam. It is the same foam as you would find in a couch cushion. They boast about how strong their foundations are. They are cheap, light weight and flimsy. They have pictures of trucks driving on them. Once again, smoke and mirrors. Their foundations are extremely flimsy. Use their frame, foundation and mattress and you will be surprised how unstable the whole thing is. They lie about one person not feeling another person get in the bed. The whole thing rocks back and forth. It is very unstable. They send two "memory foam" pillows with every order. Don't get excited. They aren't memory foam and the reek of chemicals. After a full month the smell was still overwhelming. I jumped on a 4th of July sale. It was a one day special so I just went for it. It is now August 9th and the sale is still going. It isn't really a sale. It is a tactic to get people to rush to purchase. Bottom line. Restava is a scam. Do not waste your money. Getting it back takes weeks and is a huge headache. Comfort The mattress I got was far worse than the worn out spring mattress it was meant to replace. My back hurt worse everyday. I used it for 2 weeks and eventually had to go back to the old mattress. I've slept on a Tempurpedic and this mattress isn't comparable. Do yourself a favor and just sleep on your couch before you buy this thing. Another problem is horrible amount of heat it traps. You will wake up several times each night to roll over because you will be sweaty. I bought their 3 inch HD gel foam option hoping it would help. Obviously it didn't. Support Restava is quick to respond to criticism on Facebook but getting them to answer their phone or reply to an email is impossible. Once you get through all the refund hoops they'll send you an email saying your money has been put back on your card. You will then have to wait almost a week before it shows up. They hang onto it as long as possible. I was actually surprised they gave me a refund. I was quite certain that I'd have to call my credit card company to try to regain my money. I guess even these scammers have their limits. Firmness The foam turns to mush as it heats up. You will feel like you're sleeping in a hammock. The foam isn't memory foam. Push on it with your hand and it springs back as quickly as you pull your hand away. Restava is a scam. They'll send you a mattress but it is nothing like they portray on their website. Durability I don't know about this since I only had it for a month. My bet is that the mattresses will last about as long as the company which can't be very long once the negative reviews start pouring in. Eventually there will be a class action lawsuit due to the false advertising. That will likely put them out of business for good (riddance).




Totally Satisfied !!!


I took time to research, was rewarded with a product and experience that surpassed my expectations. It's been years since I had a restful nights sleep and when I got up I was without the usual pain and stiffness that lasts about 20 minutes before it goes away. Restava delivers quality from start to sleep!! I've already told my friends . -DA


Rolla, ND


I sleep better on my Astoria


Sleep can't get any better than this I'm sure. It's been 17 months of pure sleep heaven. I purchased a cheapy model from walmart a few years ago and it was great, until after a year. **SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY **and get a quality mattress. It saves you more money in the end.


New York, NY


A Nice Solution For Bad Sleep is the Astoria by Restava


I was a little skeptical about buying my Restava mattress, but since have realized the sleep I never knew was possible. I tested out many "memory foam beds" in stores, and none of them compared to the Tempur-pedic mattress. I went online and found Restava, who claimed their mattress felt as good as the Tempur-pedic I tried in the store. Their price is about 50% less, and I could return it if it didn't feel like I wanted. That was almost two years ago and I've never looked back. I never have trouble falling asleep anymore and cannot thank Restava enough. Besides a slight odor in the begining, I was 100% happy from the start. (the odor smell went away in a few days completely). I highly suggest this mattress if you are in need of a better night sleep.


Waldorf, MD




I had may heart set on purchasing an Astoria set today, but had a couple questions. Called the 5 STAR Service number for hours during normal business hours and no answer. What can I/you expect after the purchase? Not impressive!!!! Quite disappointing after all the good things I have read about this company. Dave Mc


Winterville, GA


Wow! Impressive - Best Online Purchase Ever!


I purchased my bed in June of 07. It's been the best purchase (and most comfortable) I've made online, ever. My mattress looks and feels exactly like it did they day I got it. They mailed me a letter for 10% off my next purchase, so I purchased a few pillows and why did I not get these pillows 4 years ago? They complete the mattress exceptionaly.


Broomfield, CO


Restava Astoria Memory Foam Mattress

4.5 17