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ReliOn Rigid Digital Thermometer

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99.9% accurate


best thermometer on the market today. very accurate, compact, easy to use. it is very quick less than 1/2 the waiting time has traditional thermometers/ recommend anyone and everyone should have this in their medicine cabinets. Easy to read and understand



Simple to use and works in 60 seconds ReliOn Digital Thermometer


Recently I wasn't sure if I had a cold, flu, or whether it was allergies. I felt warm to the touch, so got my ReliOn Digital Thermometer out of the bathroom cabinet. I took it out of the protective casing, and switched it on. I put it under my tongue, and waited for it to work. When it is ready, which is 60 seconds or under, it beeps to let you know. The number shows up in the LCD. It is bright, big numbers, and easy to read. This time my temperature was normal. As I have been using this for several years now, I realized that these batteries must last forever. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but it works every time, and has more than paid for itself.

New Port Richey, FL


ReliOn Rigid Digital Thermometer


After dropping a traditional thermometer on my wood floors and breaking it I bought this digital thermometer. I love it! The thermometer is so much easier to use than a traditional mercury thermometer! There is a very easy to use on button to turn the thermometer on. When turning the thermometer on the last taken temperature shows in the display so you remember what the temperature was last time. After pressing the on button the and viewing the last temperature taken, the thermometer figures out on its own how long it needs to take an accurate temperature and once the temperature has been taken the thermometer beeps so you know that it is done. This thermometer also comes in an easy to open plastic case to help protect the on button from getting hit so that saves on the battery. After almost five years of owning this themometer I have yet to have the battery die on it so it definitely lasts a long time. There are also small disposable thermometer covers for this brand that can be purchased to place over the thermometer while taking a temperature so the thermometer is sterile to use.

Albany, MN


4 years and going strong


I bought this product roughly 4 years ago as I was charting my basal body temperatures to aid me in trying to conceive. While I have not temped every month during those last 4 years, I can safely say I have at least 9 out of 12 months each year ... and temping 1-2 times a day for 20-30 days each month.  4 years later - I still get accurate temperature readings and am still running on the original battery.

Taylorsville, NC


Relion rigid digital thermometer: stick to glass & mercury


My husband bought this thermometer less than 2 weeks ago.  I've just used it for the 4th time, or tried to.  The first 3 times were wonderful & the product performed as described.  This time, tho I've followed the directions (& rechecked them), it won't work -- unless I really do have a temp of either 110.8 or 310.8 (the only 2 readings I've been able to get) in which case I probably wouldn't be writing this.  I'm going back to the old mercury-filled glass stick.

Morrisville, PA


ReliOn Rigid Digital Thermometer

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