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Regal Kitchen Rite Bread Maker

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The Regal Kitchen Rite is awsom


The Regal Bread Machine is great and it has so many uses. The recipe's that came with the Kitchen Rite Bread Machine are great. The most popular ones that I use is the Raisin Bread, Wheat Bread, Pizza Dough and Dinner Rolls. The time savings of using the bread machine is amazing. Just follow the recipe and then just turn it on. It does all the mixing, kneading, punching and baking in one place. All the mess is confined in the machine so there is virtually no clean up. All that needs to be cleaned is the measuring spoons, measuring cups and the bread pan and kneading blade. I use the the Raisin and Wheat Bread recipes on a weekly basis. The cost savings is amazing and the taste of fresh baked bread is great. You can have any pizza you want without waiting for it to be delivered. The bread rolls are to die for, whether it is white or wheat rolls. They make it more festival at any special dinner or meal.

Marana, AZ


Regal Kitchen Rite Bread Maker

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