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Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker

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I love my bread machine


I am writing about my Regal Kitchen Pro bread machine. I love using it. The best part of the whole experience of baking bread in my Regal Kitchen Pro bread machine is that it fills our home with the lovley sent of bread baking. There is just no other sent like it! My husband and I are always buying some kind of sents at the store to make the house smell good, however we have not found anything better then the smell of bread.   Sometimes we run out of bread. Instead of going to the store and getting more bread (sometimes we don't have time for this) It's easier to just pop ingredience into the Regal Kitchen Pro bread machine and of course when it is done it is freasher then the loaf we would have bought at the store.   Of course we can't forget that every time we make bread in our Regal Kitchen Pro bread maker we are saving money too. I also like the receipies that are available for the Regal Kitchen Pro bread machine.  You can bake other things too - not just bread.      

Stockton, CA


Almost foolproof fresh baked bread


The Regal Kitchenpro is the way to go. I was reluctant to buy a bread machine. It was tempting but I figured it would end up being one more gadget we wouldn't use after the newness of it wore off. It turned out to be one of the best gadgets ever--right up there with the toaster oven, the blender and the mixer. You put the ingredients in the container and you turn it on. After a while the lovely smell of baking breads starts to waft through the house and in a couple of hours you've got a fresh baked loaf of bread. It's pretty clunky and has a big footprint but otherwise I don't have any complaints. It cleans up easily, too! I highly recommend this machine.

Chicago, IL


Regal website states "no longer sold or serviced."


My belt broke on my bread machine.  I went to to see where to have the machine serviced or to buy a new belt.  The website states it no longer sells or services the bread machines-in other words-you are out of luck, we don't stand behind our product. I will surely tell everyone I know, to purchase small appliances with the Regal name on them. LOL In many years as a homemaker, I have never had to throw away an appliance because it was rendered USELESS because of a broken belt!! Thanks so very much, Regal.

Walworth, NY


Regal Kitchen Pro bread machine is an excellant appliance that I


Each time I use my Regal Kitchen Pro bread machine I'm never disappointed. What ever I am making whether it's bread, pizza dough, or dough for pie crust it always comes out perfect. My family loves homemade breads of all kinds from plain to fruit. With Regal Kitchen Pro I am able to make fresh breads daily. Theres no bowls to have to use , pans to grease, or boards to use for kneading which makes for easy clean up afterwards since all I need is a measuring cup, and measuring spoon along with the pan from the Regal Pro. And the Regal Pro does all the work of mixing and kneading. If it's a fruit bread that I'm making the Regal Pro signals when it's time to add the fruit and it evenly distributes and mixes it into the dough. There is a window to view the progress of the bread as it goes through the cycles and bakes. After baking is completed, the bread slides easily out of the pan. Clean up of the pan is very easy as is the machine. With the Regal Kitchen Pro it's easy to enjoy fresh homemade breads daily. And as the bread bakes it gives off the same wonderful aroma that oven baked breads do. This appliance is definately worth buying. I would definately purchase this product again.  

Scranton, PA


it is a regal kitchen pro and its not as good as as it should be


well this isnt the best bread maker that there is, it doesnt bake real good. the crust falls before it is done, but it does make the dough, so you can take it out and make rolls or any kind of bread you want to. i would love to have one that works real good, bakes the bread to were it doesnt fall

Salem, MO


The Regal Kitchen Pro is so easy to use and makes perfect bread!


  I have had my Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Machine for over five years and have yet to make a bad loaf of bread.  The machine came with a recipe book that I can't live without.  It has been the best investment for me and it really wasn't very expensive.  I throw the ingredients in and one hour, two hours or a little more and I have a perfect loaf of bread.  I have made many loaves of bread that I have given out for gifts and friends now ask me when I am going to make them another loaf of bread.  The best thing about it is that it is so easy for a non-baking person like me and there are so many different kinds of recipes to choose from.  The smell of a loaf baking brings me back to my childhood and memories of when my grandmother use to spend hours kneading the bread and baking it in her over.  The machine does all the work and I get all the credit.  I would recommend this to anyone who loves bread and hates to spend the time making it.

Rocky Hill, CT


Easy fresh bread, what could be better?


I was given this Regal Kitchen Pro Bread maker as a gift. I love fresh bread, but often don't want to spend hours making it. You just pop everything into the bread pan, set the bread maker, and in a couple of hours-fresh bread! I have never had any problems with this breadmaker or needed other features. I do however recommend that you use the recipes that come with it, or other recipes designed specifically for a bread machine. I have tried other recipes in there and wound up with a 2 inch high loaf. The bread machine came with a book of reciipes for every kind of bread imaginable. You can't make baguettes in the machine, but you can make and rise  and knead the dough in the bread machine, and then bake it in the oven. You can make rolls and sticky buns like this too. The timer and settings are simple to use. They are just push buttons, and there is a digital readout of the time left, and progress of the loaf. I would recommend this breadmaker.

Sarasota, FL


The Rival Kitchen Pro Break Maker is the best bread maker ever!


This is not the first bread maker I have ever owned, but it is the best.  I use this maker at least once a week.  We make dough every friday, and I don't mean just 1-2 pounds, I mean 5-8 pounds.  The dough tastes excellent, it is made in less than an hour and everyone raves about my pizza.  I make all sorts of breads, from whole wheat to italian to raisin bread.  I also make my own pasta with this maker.  I love it.

Narragansett, RI


Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker

3.9 8