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Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker

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I have owned this bread machine for 20 years this month! It's never been repaired and has never failed me. I use it primarily on number 8 for processing the dough and letting it rise and I make everything in this from dough for rolls to bread dough Etc. This is definitely the finest Appliance I've ever owned and I own many! Imagine 20 years of great service and it's still running!

Clarksville TN


Fair Machine for Bread Making at Home


I have heard many good things about having a bread machine and making your own bread at home. I bought this Regal bread maker a few years ago with a pretty high hope that I would be making those delicious home-made bread with its help. Well, I don't think it's all the bread machine's fault, but I will have to say that this bread machine is not fool proof. Sometimes I could make a really nice loaf that we finish the whole thing in 2 days, but other times the bread that came out was so dry and we ended up throwing the whole thing away. The instructions that came with the machine said the baking time would need to be adjusted based on the temperature and humidity of the weather, but how would I know, really? I can't bake from scratch and that's the whole reason I bought a machine to help me. So, I think this machine is average. I also hesitate to make more loaves because I never know if the result is going to be great or horrible. I do agree that it is very easy to clean. The settings and recipes also allow you to be creative and explore many options. I don't have another bread maker so I don't know if all bread makers are temperamental like this one. But I am not going to buy another just to try it out.

Fairfax, VA


Regal Kitchen Pro Breadmaker produces wonderful breads


I received this Regal Kitchen Pro Bread maker as a hand-me-down from my mom. We love it immensely! It is such a wonderful addition to the kitchen. It takes maybe five minutes to throw together my most often used recipes and we have fresh bread for dinner. Who wouldn't love that! It came with a small recipe book, from which we have found quite a few winner recipes. Some of our favorites are Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Loaf (which we then use to make french toast) and Italian Herb. They are all easy and generally contain common ingredients that we already have on hand, which is not true for all bread recipes. The recipes are easy to understand and all follow the same general routine. The buttons are easy to read and understand. The loaf pan wipes clean easily.

Nashotah, WI


Regal Bread Machine - A taste of the good life!


My tastes in food may not run the same as yours, but if you are considering this machine I will assume it includes good, fresh, bread.  I have only had this one bread machine and therefor cannot compare it to the performance of other machines, but I can say that this is an attractive looking machine.  More importantly, it has been my co-pilot through the discovery of a great hobby and past-time.  I now have numerous books and favorites through MANY loaves and successfull experiments.  This Regal cleans up well, has a good manual that includes recipees, is well built, and best of all makes excellent bread!  There is no getting around the time that it takes for yeast to do it's thing, but there is a rapid setting with special recipe adjustments available.  The dough prep is a setting this unit has also, and I often use the machine to do the mixing and kneading while I prepare other things for the meal.  When I'm ready to bake, I'll put the dough in the oven all risen and ready (without the mess) for perfect finish timing.  I have a favorite pizza dough recipe, a favorite desert/breakfast bread recipe, and a favorite rosemary flat bread recipe that my family loves.  I have had to replace the paddle for this unit and Regal customer service was great.

Homer, MI


I would recommend owning this machine!


Our family uses the breadmaker about twice a month.  It has a removable pan that is ideal for adding ingredients into it and then popping the pan into the bread machine.  The breadmaker does a nice job of kneading the dough.  I've always allowed the bread to go ahead and bake in the machine.  It does signal when the bread has been kneaded and has risen for those who desire to bake in the oven.  I've had success with most breads bake up very well in the machine itself.  The bread pan is easy to clean up even though the removable paddle no longer will come out.  Once the bread is baked, it beeps periodically but otherwise discontinues baking.  My main problem arises when I add too much yeast.  The bread hits the top of the breadmaker and marks up the window.  I literally must scrape the bread off the window with a scouring pad to remove the baked on bread and dough.  Overall, I like the machine very much. 

Seneca Falls, NY


Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker

4.4 5