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Reebok c5.7 Cross Trainer

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A great product!


I got this for Christmas because I have been wanting to exercise more to help with my diabetes but it is way too cold to go outside and walk. This machine allows me to be able to exercise regardless of whether the weather is too hot or too cold to properly exercise outside. I was afraid it would become a waste of money and be used more for a coat rack than anything else but I have been pleasantly surprised. I have gotten quite a bit of use out of it so far and even my kids get on it. It has different settings so you can personalize how you want to train including things like difficulty and incline and it also monitors your vital signs like your heart rate and how many calories you are burning. Knowing the calories I have burned during a work out session helps me to stay on track and ON the machine, because seeing calories burn is a lot more motivation and incentive than just seeing what my heart rate goes to. It is very sturdy I have not had any issues with it, and I love how easily you can move making your body glide which is easier on the body than running could ever hope to be! Performance I absolutely adore how this machine works. It is smooth and easy on the joints and it gets the job done! Comfort Well I am not sure how comfortable a machine designed to make you work out is supposed to be, but I like it well enough. It is easy on the ankles to use it, where I have found that running outside tends to put more stress and tension on your legs and ankles. Ease of Use It comes with a huge manual and it confused me at first, but once you get the hang of it, its not hard to use at all. Durability so far so good Design I love the way it looks and how the design allows such fluidity of movements I just wish it had some sort of screen where you could look at different landscapes while you walk or run so you can pretend your outdoors.



shockingly, this gets used all the time


My husband had been begging for an elliptical machine and I was hesitant to make the plunge. I was afraid it would become the most expensive coat rack around. But, the Reebok Cross-Trainer gets used multiple times a week. My husband hops on with his mp3 player and runs. I have used it a handful of times and it is easy to use. I think the controls beep exceptionally loud and that when the incline rises and lowers it is also loud. It is a great basic elliptical machine. I wish it tracked distance run, rather than rotations of the foot pedal.

Anaheim, CA


good solid item, looks professional and easy to use


Just starting working out with this item, after the first week, i can feel i have muscles where i didnt know they were. i love the easy setup and can jump straight on and get a quick work out. there is a personal setting mode so you can set up sessions for yourself and dont have to keep entering your personal details. The manule is large and comprehensive, and little off putting to read it all, the best features of the machine are the automatic sensors for resistance and the large display of details includes heart, calories, km and distance etc.  One small problem is that after the first week of use one of the foot paddles has worked its self loose and started to wobble. have requested technical assistance to come and look at it. would not say its a design fault but feel a little annoyed after selecting a well known brand and a higher model version available. Hopefully will be fixed easily by making a small adjustment. Will keep you updated of the after sales service for this product.   Katia F

Mahopac, NY


Reebok c5.7 Cross Trainer

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