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Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale - Ginger Ale

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The Best Ginger Ale I every had!


I'm currently in South Carolina visiting family. It's balmy and beautiful, so I decided to take a long walk in the park and afterwards I was hot, sweaty and thirsty'! .. I had some water yes" .. But had a strong craving for soda, so my sister stop buy a gas station to pacify me. Hmmm" what do I want?  flavored water? vitamin water, Juice? cola?. hmm"..Whats this?  Oh..it's  Beer... Nope,  No,  It can't be if it's in the soda section .. Red Rock Ginger Ale... oooh, I never heard of or seen this soda any where in Michigan, I couldn't wait to try it. Snap! Crackle! and Pop! .wooah..aaah.  The crisp sharp spicy ginger, hits your taste buds immediately. what sets Red Rock apart from other ginger ales? It has a subtle lemony hint, leaving you with a warm delightful after taste. RedRock uses 100%  pure cane sugar. No..high fructose corn syrup! and it is still made the Old fashioned way in Atlanta ga,since 1885. Another plus for me is that it is bottled in glass not plastic!  Red Rock Rocks!  


Detroit, MI


Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale - Ginger Ale

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