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All Natural, Tea
Oregon Chai
Oregon Chai - The Original Chai Tea Latte Mix

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Best Customer Service Given by Gayle Becker


Customer service is so important, and so lacking in alot of companies. It really makes my day when I receive great customer service and Gayle Becker was outstanding! I very, very rarely give reviews, but she rated way up there!! I am going to buy and try their tea because of her!


Wheaton, IL


So-So, I would not buy again


I bought this brand of Chai tea because the store was out of my regular choice (Tazo).  I knew soemting was going to be different when the color of this chai was quite a bit lighter than the Tazo brand; I actually thought I had not shaken the container well enough.  Once I made my Chai Tea Latte (chai and milk) the flavor was off.  It did not taste like other chai teas I have had before, it was almost sweet.  I really like the spice of chai teas and missed it while I used this product up.


Grafton, WI


So yummy and great for a cold night!


**Oregon Chai - The Original Chai Tea Latte Mix is great!  I have had to make a few changes to make it a bit creamier though.  I boil some hot water and add it to a mixture of the chai latte mix and a little plain coffee creamer.  Then I add a dash of milk.  This makes it so creamy and yummy, it's like a little treat.  Sometimes when I am craving sweets I turn to a cup of tea.  This lasts longer and still satisfies my sweet tooth.  The packages seem small, but they do the trick.  I wish there were coupons for this more often as I could have it every other day, but they don't make a bulk package that I have seen and also it's not exactly cheap, not expensive, but not as cheap as regular tea.  It is also a great alternative to coffee.  My mother-in-law doesn't like coffee but she loves chai tea and she really loves this brand in particular.  I have done just the regular tea bags, which are great too, but this provides that creamy drink and it is filling.  There are just enough spices to make this a great choice.  **


Helena, MT


Sweet and flavorful, a quick fix for the chai lover


This is the stuff, not too spicy but just nice sweet, mellow vanilla chai goodness with the creaminess already in it.  Oregon Chai is nice instant tea latte blend.  For those who just chai tea lovers this may be too much as it is very sweet in comparison.  However, not overbearingly so as the spices still come out.  They are still present but not as strong if you just brewed some chai tea on your own and just added milk.  If you are looking for a spicy blend to drink of instant chai tea I would avoid Oregon chai but go for Tazo chai tea as its spices are much more present in comparison.  However its still good its more tame with the spices and is nice introductory into the world of chai.  The price for the mix packets is much cheaper than the liquid version as it lasts for more cups to get the same amount of flavor per packet.  Both are good, but if you really want to experience the Oregon Chai tea I prefer the liquid, but the price this is much more frugal and you will be able to have it whenever you want since it's the powder form as opposed to the liquid one where once you open you must consume within a certain amount of days and refridgerate it of course.


Seattle, WA


Oregon Chai is my favorite chai mix.


Oregon Chai is by far my favorite chai tea mix.  I believe that it is an excellent value for its price, and it has excellent flavor.  There is something really comforting in the wintertime to coming home to a warm, home-made chai drink.  It is really simple to make, and it takes well to flavored syrups if you want to add extra aroma (I typically use vanilla, chocolate or coconut).  After realizing how easy it is to make at home, you'll never want to pay for another overpriced chai drink at Starbucks or Argo Tea ever again!  I also love making Oregon Chai after dinner parties or for small gatherings.  It is usually a drink that people remember fondly.  Sometimes I'm in the mood for a spicier drink that is less sweet, so I'll season as appropriate.  Usually I'll just include a little more cinammon powder or sticks if I'm looking for an extra kick.  I do not believe that there is a better chai out there for a better price.


Chicago, IL


I prefer Tazo


I used to buy this brand of chai tea...until I tried the same one they serve at Starbuck's.  Tazo Brand Chai is my preference.  I found the Oregon Chai to not have enough flavor and almost too sweet.  I prefer the spiciness (I think it's the cardamom that makes the difference) of the Tazo.  If you don't like that, than go for the Oregon Chai.  I am conflicted because I like to support Oregon businesses but not if I have to sacrifice a taste I love.


West Linn, OR


I can drink this all day!


LOVE this brand of Chai Tea mix! Just mix with milk and yum! I go through a carton very easily. I love the taste, smoothness and just the right combination of spices. I hardly ever share it because I don't get it as often as I would like. My favorite time of year to drink it is in the summer.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


The aroma & flavor remind me of christmas time.


This tea is a yummy honey, black tea & spices mix that reminds me of Christmas. Its all natural, no preservatives or additives. Its super easy to prepare, you just add hot water. For a creamier tea just and a splash of milk or your favorite dairy substitute. If you prefer a cold drink then just add ice. I had mine hot with a little flavored creamer & it was deeelish :^)


Firestone, CO


Oregon Chai - The Original Chai Tea Latte Mix

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