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Razor A3 Kick Scooter

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Love this scooter


My daughter was given this scooter as a present from one of our neighbors as they were moving away. She has used it every single day that she possibly could and has for years. I am lucky that although kids can be extremely tough on things that this scooter must be made with the best material ever or something because almost five years later and this scooter has yet to break. She has left it out in the rain and snow, let tons of friends borrow it and use it. When she first started out she use to go so slow and there was no need to worry. Now that she is eight and a total daredevil. She zips up and down the street as fast as she can. I have yet to have any crashes or blowouts. I have never really had to worry about my daughter or her friends getting hurt because they are riding on this toy. I am so happy with this purchase, out of almost all of her other ride on toys this is by far the best one yet.


Boise, ID


my daughter - and all the kids on the block - love this!


My daughter for some reason refuses to ride her bike - but all of the neighborhood kids are wizzing around on scooters and bikes so she wanted something to keep up with them all!  We bought this scooter on sale and it has been worth every penny!  Several othe neighborhood kids have this scooter so I knew it was fairly durable and didn't hesitate to buy it - I knew going in that it was a good product!  And I would say the same to you.  I think a scooterl like this is so much better than th electric ones, too - let the kids get some exercise AND they will have fun doing it!  It comes in several colors - we have the red and it is a very virbrant and attractive color combo with the silver.  It is also very portable since it folds down to practically nothing, much more portable than a bicycle for example, to take to the park or on vacation or whereever else your child may want to zoom around!


Columbus, OH


6 year old LOVES this Scooter!


We bought my six year old the Razor A 3 Kick scooter ( because he had outgrown his baby toddler 3-wheel scooter :) and all his friends were riding the 2 wheel razors - so he wanted a "Big Boy" Scooter and we absolutely LOVED the Razor A3 Kick Scooter - we thought it was very reasonably priced and it was a  great quality scooter.   We love that it can be folded down and we can take it on trips (it will easily fit into your car/vehicle) - which is nice because we do a lot of traveling (especially in the summer months to visit family/relatives) .  We also love that the handle bars are adjustable - so we can raise the handle bars as my son grows - so we hope we can have this scooter for many years to come!  My son likes that he can go fast on his scooter!  He always wears a helmet for safety!  Overall, I would definitely recommend this Razor A3 Kick Scooter to any parents looking to buy thier son or daughter a scooter - it's great quaility at an affordable price!  


Oxford, MI


Razor A3 Kick Scooter is my son's favorite toy of all time


My son begged for one of these after being introduced to them from one of his kidnergarten classmates, and, I have to say, this scooter is truly a wonderful thing. My son has used his for almost two years now and, since its adjustable, the handle grows with him. The scooter is lightweight and folds small so I can tuck it in the basket underneath my daughter's stroller if I think my son might want to use it on a trip to the park. It's a fun basic toy that is sturdy and well made. The wheels are hard, not rubber, and are, at least in my experience, unlikely to crack. Some disadvantages: I do find the folding mechanism to be a little tricky. I have almost pinched my fingers a few times, but, that could just be me. My six year old can do it effortlessly. Also, of course, a scooter, like anything on wheels, can go pretty fast, so proper safety precautions are a must. The foot brake is easy to use but, of course, the child will have to be taught how to use it. Also, a helmet is a necessity. I highly recommend this scooter. Great value, great product.


Ellington, CT


The Razor A3 Kick Scooter is great fun


We bought the Razor A3 Kick Scooter for our 8 year old granddaughter.  We had bought one before for our son when he was younger and he loved it.  This updated version 9 years later has provded hours of entertainment for our granddaughter.  She loves the bright colors and the portability for riding to to and from school.  She can store it in her classroom and ride it home each evening.  The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is my granddaughter says she wishes it had a place for a bottle holder.  She plays soccer and drinks a lot of water.  Other than that, we are a family who has loved this brand of scooter for years.  Price is great, style is always loved by the kids and we will probably continue to buy them.


Lancaster, CA


Good Scooter for my 8 year old.


This was a good scooter for my 8 year old. She got it for Christmas. She was somewhat rough on it but it help up good. It doesn't have a kick stand like the electric Razor scooter does so the only thing you could do was lay it on the ground or fold it up and store it somewhere. So while she was riding it when she wanted to take a break she just hopped off and layed it on its side on the ground. Unfortunately after dropping it on the ground the clip that allows it to fold up broke. But that comes from being rough on it. Very sturdy, my husband even played around on it when he was trying to teach her how to ride it. The brake in the back is somewhat hard to use just because you are trying to maintain your balance as it is and then having to try to slow down, not the best. Maybe some sort of hand brake would be easier. Overall a great product and would recommend.


Bay City, MI


More than just a toy... it's a way to get around


I remember when these scooters were really popular... and then controversial because of how many kids were getting injured. If you or your kids are responsible enough to properly use the Razor A3 Kick Scooter then by all means get one! They're very useful for the adult trying to get around town; I see people on them all the time in Chicago and on a cold day, I'm jealous that I can't get around town quickly like those scooter owners. For kids, it's a great vehicle to get around. It doesn't take up as much space as a bike (because they fold) and they're lighter to carry if you plan on taking them on road trips. All-in-all, it's a great purchase, but don't forget the helmet (for your kid... adults will look ridiculous with a helmet on) and make sure to use the scooter properly!


Wheeling, IL


Razor A3 Kick Scooter

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