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Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT Spray 40 ml for Men

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My favorite smell on my boyfriend


Super sexy smell. Makes my boyfriend smell AMAZING!!! 😍😍😍


Omaha, NE


This is okay


The smell of this is just okay. I will not personally get into all the different scents involved in this spray (for example, "this smells of lotus seed on a slightly foggy day in spring") because I frankly cannot decipher such things. The criteria I use to rate a cologne are as follows: What is the price? How do people react to the smell? How do I react to the smell? What is the packaging like and how easy is it to find? How well does the scent last? Polo Blue does well in a couple of these categories, namely that of price and availability. Indeed, compared to some of my other colognes, Polo Blue is extremely affordable. It's also found easily at just about any place that sells cologne. For the other criteria, however, Polo Blue does not do as well. How do people react? I've found Polo Blue to be hit or miss: some people love it, while some people hate it. Since I don't like smelling vile to anyone, this is a big deal to me. Do I like the smell personally? I do, actually, so that's an extra point. What is the packaging like? It's not like Terre d'Hermes, that's for sure. Does it last well? I'd approximate the time at a few hours.


Edmond, OK


If you're going to wear it, it's OK


I'm of the opinion that cologne isn't the greatest thing ever invented. In fact, it can be downright nauseating depending on the brand and the person wearing it. Like Demetri Martin said, cologne rhymes with alone, and it seems like you should be left alone if you're wearing some kinds of cologne (axe, anyone?) That said, this polo brand isn't too bad, and it's scent has a nice fresh feel that is a good fit after getting out of the shower and you don't want to feel weighed down with a scent that's just too much. The bottle is pretty boring, and doesn't do much to distinguish itself from other types of Polo, which it seems like there are a lot of. This is one of those colognes that it seems like a staple that everyone I know has a bottle stashed somewhere. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. So, if I had to wear cologne for some reason, then I guess I'd probably start looking at this brand.


Seattle, WA


Great smell


The first time that I smelled this product I fell in love with the scent I buy this for my boyfriend and he is just irrestable when he wears is. It is not a strong or overpowering scent. When he puts it on it i a scent that lasts the whole day and evevning. This price is a bit spendy but it seems to last a long time so you don't have to buy it very often. So if you are looking for a perfect scent for you man here is the opportunity for you to get something that the both of you will like. my boyfrind was really one that didnt' ware anthing that mad him smell better except of deoderant, now he is a regular user of Polo Blue. Go to the store and give it a try for yourself and give a spray out of the sample bottle and you will be buying this product also you will not be dissapointed. Make sure to watch for it on sale so you can get it at a better price if you are not into spending a lot of money on products like this.


Brookings, SD


best cologne ever


i hesitate to add superlatives like best cologne to just anything, so therefore you know it has to be good. this used to be the only cologne my hubby used to wear, till i got him a few different ones to put into rotation. this is a classic scent, the perfect manly cologne for pretty much anyone. if i ever smelled this in the subway on someone, it reminded me of my hubby, and i knew that whichever guy had it on has very good taste :-). the bottle is simple and chic, unmistakable for anything else. once when i went to buy a relacement, the deartment store that i got it as had a promotion in which they were giving out the cutest teddy as a gift with purchase. of course i sprayed the cologne on the bear! while my hubby doesnt use this as much anymore, as he has new favorites, this is a nice classic that i would welcome back at any time. if you dont know which cologne to buy, i dont think you can go wrong with this one!


Augusta, ME


The Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Spray is an Attractive Spray to All


***The Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Spray*** was a Christmas present. My cousin gave me this *polo* spray just a few days ago. I sprayed on my clothes the first day I had it. I had six individual encounters where I was asked what kind of fragrance I had on. It's actually something of a spray in which you are noticed. It's a great smell as well. If I were to describe it I would say that it has a little bit of a musk smell and a new age smell almost like an expensive *Axe* or* Calvin *scent to it. I sprayed it on my shirt and jacket a few days ago. I don't wash my jacket that often and the smell on it today is almost as strong as the two sprays of the cologne I had on a few days ago. It has a lasting to it which is something important to me. It is also a great cover up of anything that doesn't smell so good. As in if you were smoking, cutting grass, or sweating it would cover all those smells. Trust me it did cover up all the unwanted odors that I just listed. Over all I rate this product **four out of five**. It is a competitively priced spray that is cheap for it's true effectiveness.


Springdale, PA




This is such a classic scent from Polo that I actually have been using for years. The bottle is quite large and very durable so whether this is your primary or secondary among a wide range of scents, this bottle will without a doubt last for many years. The scent is warm but with a fresh twist. It tends to get strong so just one spray at one pressure point is usually enough to last throughout the day. I recommend purchasing the deodorant with this because, although the scent differs from the cologne, it is a nice and light alternative when you don't want a spray of strong cologne. Many retail stores and department stores even offer the cologne and deodorant in a gift package for a cheaper price. If you're lucky, you can even snatch a free gift during holiday promotions! I prefer crisp fresh scents with citrus but it's nice to have the warm comfort of Polo Blue to switch things up occasionally.


Charlotte, NC


Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDT Spray 40 ml for Men

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