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RCA CD Boombox w/ Cassette Player


Listen to all your favorite music on the RCA CD Boombox w/ Cassette Player RCD378D. This device features a digital AM/FM tuner with 20 presets, and digital volume control for precision. The audio line-in function also allows you to play music from your MP3 player or other music devices through the boombox speakers.

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a classic


The RCA CD Boombox w/ Cassette Player is a great find, a classic product. In today's era of music, cassettes have become almost obsolete. However, for collectors like myself, cassettes are still an excellent music choice!It is easy to work with, has great sound, and is compact enough to not take up too much space. This easily fits on an end table, and is portable so it can be moved from room to room as desired. I have also used this outside while lounging by the pool, it is loud enough to be heard in an open space. The built in antenna allows for local radio station play if not using the CD or cassette functions. The RCA CD Boombox w/ Cassette Player is an affordable,convenient entertainment option that will work for all your music needs.




Worked well for 2 years


I purchased the RCA CD Boombox w/ Cassette Player 2 years back from an online shopping portal and it got delivered within a week to my home. It looked quite good and since I was looking out to buy a player for a party, this product fitted my requirements perfectly and the price as well was reasonable. The player comes with a front-loading CD player, CD playback, a programmable 20 track CD memory along with a digital AM/FM tuner. The signal reception also is clear and the sound system works great. However, the antenna that comes with the player is very weak and it broke after 4 months itself while shifting the player. I got it replaced and had to take care to keep the product in a safe place where it does not come in contact with dust. The CD player worked well in the start but after a year, it has started to give problems and it just skips tracks and plays the middle tracks. I am planning to replace it with another brand but for 2 years, this product has worked well.




speakers are a little weak


I bought this RCA CD boombox for my son about two years ago . He has a very large cd collection but also still owns tons of cassettes that he cannot bear to give up and does not want to have to replace all of them to cd .It was very hard to even find a CD boombox that still had a cassette player built in so I was happy to find this RCA model. It has an auxiliary outlet where you can listen to an Ipod or other mp3 player so it is easily " upgraded " to use with newer technology as well and he does hook up an old Ipod classic to hear the music out loud at times as well. If you wanted to listen to it on a deck or outside anywhere it has a feature where you can use multiple "C" batteries to make it portable if no plug outlet available . The only major drawback to this unit is that the speakers are fairly weak - the sound is much better if you listen with headphones and it does have a headphone jack so he uses it a lot that way .I have listened to it without headphones and it really needs more power but is adequate for the portable player that it is . The price was good and it has held up well with a LOT of use so there is not much to complain about - you could also hook up potable laptop speakers via the jacks if you wish to have a richer sound from the speakers . It also includes a radio in addition to being able to play both cds and cassettes . For the money it was really worth it and is lightweight and pretty durable .


Springfield, MA


RCA CD Boombox w/ Cassette Player

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