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R.H. Forschner
R.H. Forschner Steak Knife Set

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A nice cutting knife


I bought this set of RH Forschner Steak knives for my Mother. She was in desperate need of a good quality knife set. She fell in love with this set and I have to admit that after having dinner with her, I went out and bought my house a set of these knives. Comfort The Forschner Steak Knives fit into my hand very comfortably. My children aged eight and twelve are able to easily use the knives also. Performance These Forschner Knives cut through Steak like a hot knife through butter cut after cut. A high performance set of knives, in my opinion. Durability These knives are very durable. My Mother has had her set for a year and my set is a little over six months old. All of the knives are still as sharp as they day we first bought them. Design My friend always said that a knife is a knife, but he loves my Forschner Knives. He has changed his idea about knives. I highly recommend this brand of knives. They are built with durability and quality in mind.



Good set of steak knives.


I like having this set of steak knives for guests, or if I can't find my chef's knife while I'm cooking, I grab one of these. They are very sharp, and haven't seemed to lose their edge over time. I handle them very carefully, and keep them separate to the other cutlery for washing. It will slice your hand pretty badly if you don't watch what you are doing.



R.H. Forschner Steak Knife Set

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