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Quickfinder Safety Nail Clipper For Small Size Dogs

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Terrible product DO NOT BUY!


I was so excited to learn about this product.  I regularly trim our 3 dogs' nails ,and one has black nails, so I thought this would be the perfect item to own.  I was SO wrong.   These nail clippers are poorly made, they are dull and do not cut the nail properly.  The lights are bogus, on white nails, when obviously over the "quick", the light would glow green, and when just at the tip, it would either alternate colors or show red.  Was totally crazy, and after doing the tip of one nail, I tossed them.  They are worthless. 

Walled Lake, MI


wouldn't this be great if it worked?


I thought this was a great idea, and it is, if only it worked they way they say it does. The lights are random and have little to do with the safety of your pets nail margins. It is cumbersom and cheap and won't reliably cut through the nail of even a small dog (mine are doxies). If you want to buy one let me know I have one for sale, but I'll just keep it and continue to feel like a sucker.



Keep some coagulant close by, you'll need it.


I was so excited to learn of a product that would allow me to cut my dog's black nails and not cut into the quick.  Well my excitment turned into dissapointment after the first few bloody cuts.  The lights are inconsistant even on nails that you can see the quick.   I did not have a problem with the sharpness of the blades, they cut into the quick just fine.  While cutting through a thick nail there is a loud pop noise as the blade finishes the cut and it scares my already tramatized dog.   I hope the store has a good return policy.

Compton, CA


easy to use, safe to use


I have used the nail clipper on 3 different dogs. Success, ease to use, and for a pet owner that has one dog that hates to have feet touched. This does a fast job. No pain. get the job done fast with this easy to use item. Stays sharp for a long time.

Fenton, MO


Quickfinder Safety Nail Clipper For Small Size Dogs

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