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Minnie Mouse
Quad by KidTrax - Minnie Mouse


The KidTrax Disney Minnie Mouse Electric Quad is a fun and safe beginner vehicle for your little one. The Minnie Mouse quad has a sweet pink and white polka-dot design, a cute Minnie-themed decal, and a stylish bow.  Your little girl will be thrilled to take it for a spin.  Child-friendly features include a push-button accelerator for simple stop-and-go operation and a low seat for easy access.

The maximum forward speed is 1-1/2 mph, and the vehicle's weight limit is 40 pounds, making the Minnie Mouse Quad ideal for small children ages 18 months to four years old.  Power Trax rubber traction-strip tires allow for all-terrain performance. With the combination of a low top speed, durable design, and easy controls, the Disney Minnie Mouse Electric Quad will keep your child safe as she cruises along.

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Great for the little ones


I brought this for my babies first birthday she was in love with this thing. Goes at a nice pace for little one. Don't like that the charge doesn't last that long. An hour walk on here an it died on us but overall my baby loves it . Sometimes ride it through the house lol

Pittsburgh, Pa


Cute, but slow.


I bought this toy for one of my grandchildren, obviously a little girl, when she comes to visit. She loves all things Disney and this represents an icon--Minnie Mouse. She loves the look of the toy. It is pink with white polka dots and a Minnie Mouse bow on the front of the car. I love the fact that it is safe, because it doesn't go very fast. I also love how easy it is to keep clean. Most often, I clean it with a wet cloth or sanitizing cloth. It is also fairly quiet, which I appreciate. The negatives is that it is very slow. It is fine for the very little ones, as my granddaughter was when I purchased it. But, she soon tired of how slow it is. Plus, in the beginning, she couldn't keep the "go" button pushed in the keep it moving forward. It mostly jumped forward. Now, she tends to ride it for a bit and then pulls it with her. She is now three and a half. Even though the car is slow and a bit difficult to drive, she still loves it when visiting. It is the first thing she gravitates toward. I'm not sure exactly how long the battery life is. But, it seems to last for a long time. In the two years I've owned it, I've only recharged it once. Of course, I don't have my granddaughter here with me every day. That could make a difference.

Davis, CA


Quad by KidTrax - Minnie Mouse

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