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Canned Dog Food
Purina Alpo Homestyle Prime Slices Canned Dog Food

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My Dog Loves The Gravy!


I've never been one to feed Alpo dog foods, but I saw their Homestyle Prime Slices food and decided to give it a try. My dog had mixed reviews. My dog is a tiny Chihuahua and the slices were much too big for his little mouth. I had to cut them in half for him and they were still uncomfortable for him to chew. He, and I, were not impressed by the slices. If you have a bigger dog, then I'm sure the slice size would be fine. The gravy, however, was a different story entirely. My dog loved it. Seriously loved it. He licked up every last bit of the gravy like he'd never seen gravy before. He thought it was the greatest thing ever! This is a large can so I gave my small dog about 1/3 at each meal, so this lasted 1 1/2 days. For larger dogs this will probably not need to be split. I was not impressed by the ingredients after reading them. They are certainly not ideal and I would consider this as more of a treat than a daily food going forward.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Your dog will love it


There is a reason why Alpo has been around for years and years, dogs love it I recently had to take care of my daughters two dogs while she was away on vacation She always gives them dry food , sometimes Alpo dry, but they seemed so bummed out that she was gone, I wanted to give them a treat I remember when I had dogs growing up, we always used canned Alpo dog food so I went with that They both loved it and the can was gone in seconds It has quality ingredients with a variety of yummy sounding flavors Both her dogs have sensitive stomachs but had no problem with the Alpo prime slices I think that this dog food would be just fine for any dog ,large or small dogs as well as dogs with sensitive stomachs Also is soft and moist enough for a puppy to chew The dogs loved it and I went back and got them a few more cans Alpo always make a nice dog food and I have never seen a dog yet turn his nose up at it They love it!

New Egypt, NJ


Recommends way too much but overall satisfying


Unless you have a Great Dane or another large dog, NEVER feed your medium-sized dog more than two cans a day, allowing for exercise. Four cans a day is a ridiculous serving size. My dog, who is very active, gets fed dry food in the mornings around 9-10 am, another helping of dry food around 4, and one can of Alpo in the evenings around 7-8 pm. She's always very excited for Alpo and wolfs it down faster than is probably safe. I haven't noticed any lethargic activity or vomiting unless the problem is something other than the Alpo, which is a lifesaver since my dog is notorious for being a picky eater with a sensitive stomach. I won't say much for the ingredients and I'd rather feed her an organic brand but for now, she's used to Alpo and Alpo is what she'll get. Speaking as a human, the cans are easily stored and easily opened, and even if the smell is a little strong for me, it seems to make my dog happy, so I won't complain. However, if you've got a sensitive nose and are the one feeding your pet, I wouldn't recommend it; but then again, you're likely to run into that problem with most wet dog foods.



Nothing Prime About This Over Processed Messed


A few months ago we went out of town and had to leave our dog at a sitters. He usually has a hard time so I figured I would buy him a treat for when we got home. I chose the Alpo Prime Slices Roast beef flavored. I thought that the picture on the can looked appealing to me so figured it would make my little guy happy again once we got him home. Boy was I wrong. Never in my life have I seen him turn his nose up to canned food but that is what he did with this. He walked up to the bowl gave it a little taste sniffed it and then walked away. I thought for sure that there was something wrong with my little guy and off to the vet we went. He has never turned down canned food before and it was just not like him I was worried. After spending some time with the vet and being told there is nothing wrong with my guy other than missing his family we went back home and once again I tried to give him the we food. He still would not touch it it was like he was almost gagging when he would sniff it. I am not sure but usually when something makes a person gag they tend to stay away from it so needless to say that is what we have chosen to do with this brand of canned dog food. After the reaction my dog gave to this we threw it in the trash and have not bought any since. I would have to say that just on my dogs reaction to this product I would not and could not recommend it to any one.

Fort Collins, CO


My picky dog loves Alpo Prime Slices!


My dog loves Alpo Prime Slices! My dog is a very picky eater and I have tried many major brand names as well as store brands. The only brand of canned dog food she will eat is Alpo. She absolutely loves the Prime Slices variety which comes in a number of flavors including roast beef, beef, chicken and lamb. It has water as the first ingredient followed by real meat which is rare these days. It is also fortified with mineral and vitamins to ensure your dog gets everything he/she needs to be healthy. You can tell the meat is processed as the "slices" don't really look like real slices of meat. The gravy makes it look a lot more appealing though. The gravy also makes it much easier to mix in with dry dog food if you wish. Also, there isn't an overly strong odor like you get with some dog foods. The lid is a pop top for easy opening. Alpo canned dog food is an overall average value for the money being slightly cheaper than Pedigree and other major brands and slightly more expensive than the store brands. I highly recommend Alpo Prime Slices to everyone who loves their dog! Quality of Ingredients The dog food does contain meat-by-products and added color so I have to give it 4 stars.

Ruffin, NC


Alpo prime slices makes your dog drool happily.


Alpo prime slices is a great product to buy for your dog.  My dog loves to eat it plain or mixed in with his dry food.  It obviously has a great taste and it looks like real ingredients of real meat that you would want to serve your best friend.  The gravy is rich and the meat is tender.  Not only is it a great buy because my dog loves it, it is affordable, as well.  Nothing beats affordability plus quality.  Alpo is a brand that has been around a long time so I trust its quality.  And, it helps that I can afford this product easily and can use coupons on it, too.  I am a new couponaholic and I love a great deal especially when it is with a product I trust and depend on for my dog's health, well-being, fitness, and vitality.  He loves it and I love that I can get it easily and cheaply for him.  I highly recommend Alpo prime slices to any true dog lover.  Your dog will love you for buying it.

Boise, ID


Alpo is my dogs favorite


My dog is a very big spoiled baby.  He is an 85 pound boxer.  My husband had started feeding him table food because he wasnt eating his food very well, and i told him that wasnt healthy that we need to find a dog fod that he would eat.I tried several different brands and he ate some better than others but i still didnt feel he was eating enough. I tried the alpo dried dog food and he seemed to eat that a little better. Then i bought some of the lamb canned alpo and i think he thought he was in heaven.  I tarted mixing a little of the dry alpo with a can of  the lamb canned alpo and now i never have to worry about him eating everything in his bowl.He cleans it every time. When i get a can out of the cabinet he comes runnng. It has also helped to keep him regular, whch is a big bonus.The price is very comparitive with all the other brands and itis available in just about every store, so its very convenient. I would recommend anyone trying this for your dog.

Staley, NC


My dog loves this stuff


***I have to write about this product.  Alpo wet dog food in the can is the greatest!!  I have a 3 year old cocker spaniel that has a very sensitive stomach, which I hear is common for this breed of dog.  I have tried every brand under the son and Alpo is the only brand I have found that my dog's stomach can handle.  I don't know what other brands put in their canned food or what Alpo doesn't put in or does put in but it's great.  My dog absolutely loves the flavor and it agrees with his stomach just fine.  I will never buy another brand of dog food in a can as long as the prices don't go much higher.  I have noticed that the prices have gone up recently, but so far I am still able to afford it.  I know prices of things are going up but how much higher can they go before people can't afford things any more?  It's crazy.  But my point on this one is that Alpo's canned dog food is very easy on a dog's stomach.  If my cocker spaniel can handle, I bet any dog can.  Keep it up Alpo!!  :)***

Grand Ridge, IL


Alpo is the only dog food for my pets


I have two wonderful dogs Meesha and Milo. My dogs are about two years old, and never seem to sit still. I love my dogs so much and I try and give them the best food and toys and treats that I can for the money. Due to the rising prices on everything I have really shopped around and compaired the selections of dog food. I have tried the expensive and the cheep brands. I have made homemade foods and specialty shops. I have tried about ten different caned foods, for the price and my dogs reation to the taste. My dogs love Alpo and it has become the only food that my pets eat. Alpo has some of the best selections on varity of meats. Alpo has these great pictures on the can and when you open the can it looks just like what is on the outside. Alpo has large meaty peices in the can with a great gravey that covers the meats and make the food look good to even a human. Alpo's price per can is very reasonable and most times you can find a coupon in the sunday paper that makes it even more reasonable. Alpo is about 68-75 cents a can and can be found in almost all the stores that you may shop at at. Alpo even has put out a great selection of dry foods as well. You know when you see those comercheals on the televesion that have a dog or cat running toward the bowl of food that has just been put out for me. Well I have that same experience when it is dinner time for my dogs. They eat every bit and sometimes lick the sides of the bowl. Alpo is the only dog food for my pets, and I hope that they can continue to produce a great product.

Milwaukee, WI


my dog loves it!!1


this can food is great!!!!! my dog loves to eat it, especially the gravy. as soon as i put it in his food bowl, it disappears!!!!! it even smells good to me!!! laugh out loud... alpo has a great variety of wet can foods. it has many flavors and my dog loves them all.

San Pablo, CA


Purina Alpo Homestyle Prime Slices Canned Dog Food

4.3 11