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Purina Beneful Prepared Meals

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Dogs have been eating this for years they like it




My dog loves it


My dog has cancer and has lost his appetite for a while now. He's been thinning out and I decided to buy this and mix it with his dry food.


henrico, VA

This is my dogs favorite dinner


My two Yorkies get so excited when they see me take this food out! They absolutely LOVE it and eat every bite. It's so easy to digest which is so important for toy breed dogs. I always have it on hand.


Bushnell, illinois


Not too crazy about this product


My senior dog only eats wet food now due to old age and bad teeth. She's not a super picky eater, but I've tried at least half of the available flavors in this type of food, and she rarely eats any of it, let alone what she would normally eat for a meal. I can leave this down for her for hours, and it will remain untouched until I put down another one of the many foods she does prefer to eat.




Gave my dog gas


It cause my pup to have really bad gas and made his tummy have werid bubbles noises in his tummy


Dallas tx


Purines Beneful Prepared Meals Offer Variety


I don't usually feed my dog wet food, but my local store had the Beneful Prepared Meals on sale so I decided to buy some to see if my dog would like it as a special treat. I bought one of the Beef Stews to give it a try. I combined half of one container with his regular food and he really seemed to like it. He weighs 40 pounds and half the container was perfect with his food. I wouldn't feed these regularly because I don't think they are super good for dogs, but they are a nice change of pace or as a treat. I also like the fact that they aren't too expensive and they are easy to find at my local store. I also like the fact that they have a variety of different favors to try for my dog.


Grand Rapids, MI


Love these


My dogs are the world's worst at standing at your feet and begging for a bite at dinner time. This became a big problem and figured it was time to try and find them a different dog food that satisfied them more. When I first saw these Purina Beneful Prepared Meals I thought I was seeing things. I could not honestly believe that people really bought that sort of thing for their dogs. I ended up buying a few of the different flavors to try out because they really did look way better than the normal dog food my dogs were eating. I have to say I was very pleased with my purchase. My dogs would eat these during dinner time instead of sitting at our feet begging. It was great! The dogs really seemed to enjoy them also. I love that they are healthy and combine great ingredients for our dogs. After I saw how much they loved these meals I started buying the variety pack boxes of them that way they could have more flavors and I could save a little money. My dogs favorite is the beef stew flavored food for sure. I would definitely recommend these dog meals to others because they truly do look and smell better than other dog foods and the dogs will really enjoy them. They may even think they are eating something that should be on your plate!




A Great Occasional Treat For My Canines


With literally hundreds of dog food choices on the market, finding something that sticks out from the rest can be tough. If you are someone that reads labels then the first three or four things you see are what make up the bulk of what's in the dog food. When I saw the Prepared Meals from Purina I got a couple of the flavors that I knew that my large breed dogs would love. My smallest dog goes through phases where he will eat anything you put in front of him and other times he will give it a sniff and walk away. He got a couple of spoonfuls of this with his dry dog kibble and loved the Roasted Turkey and the Chicken Liver. For the larger dogs I buy the multi packs of them because of the discount and so that I don't have to worry about running out of something special for them. The containers have ten ounces of dog food in them so it is enough to fill up the large breed dogs but if they are only getting a partial serving I can reseal the container so the product stays fresh and my refrigerator doesn't smell like dog food. With a ton of flavors to choose from it's a nice line of prepared food but I am always cautious about the amount of sodium in things like this. As an occasional treat I see nothing wrong with this but the only way that I would ever switch to this series full time is if my veterinarian recommended it.




This makes a great take with you meal for your favorite pooch


We take our little Sheltie with us when we travel and taking her food with us was always a challenge. It would end up getting spilled and it wasn't really very convenient to take a large bag with us. I had tried plastic with lids and other containers but had never found something that worked, that is until we tried Purina Beneful Prepared Meals. Quality of Ingredients Purina has been around a long time and has met the test of being a good quality of pet food. Our little girl had a stomach issue so I hesitated to change foods but was so tempted by the individual serving that was perfect for travel that we decided to give it a try. Not only did she like the food but we discovered that she was no longer spitting up. She was more than willing to eat Beneful Prepared Meals and we are more than willing to keep these on hand. It's a win win situation as far as we are concerned. We can buy Beneful in larger bags but we have the benefit of the individuals servings for travel. Flavor Selection I like that these meals include veggies like peas, carrots, rice and barley and for our pet we like to give her rice and lamb as it seems to be easy to digest and it doesn't mess up her tummy. I find that I like to order Beneful Individual servings on line and they are delivered right to the door. I sometimes thing she knows that the order is hers.. She really gets excited when I bring the box in and I am willing to bet she can smell her dog food and she is ready to hit the road.


Peoria, AZ


My dog loves these!


I had seen many commercials and coupons going around for this product so I decided to purchase one for my dog, and I am so glad that I did. My dog absolutely loves these. These prepared meals come in many different flavors (I think around 8). My dog's favorites are beef and chicken medley, simmered chicken medley, and savory rice and lamb stew. You can tell there are real ingredients in this product because you can see all the chunks of meat and vegetables, which makes me feel good about feeding it to my dog. They are fairly expensive for the amount you get, but I get them as an occasional treat for my dog. I would highly recommend trying these out because my dog loves them! Quality of Ingredients You can see the chunks of real meat and vegetables in this product so you know its real ingredients. I can feel good about feeding this to my dog. Flavor Selection There are around eight different flavors, which I think is a good selection.




Purina Beneful Prepared Meals

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