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Pure Global Brands
Pure Global Brands Safety Net Enclosure For 14 FT Trampoline 9114E


A Pure Fun Enclosure adds an extra layer of protection to your Pure Fun Trampoline, letting you jump with added confidence. Not only do enclosures prevent falls off the jumping surface, Pure Fun enclosures offer extra security and peace of mind with a lockable zipper entry that lets you set the jumping times and limits for your family.Assembly is a breeze with the included steel clamp connectors for the leg poles to keep them extra secure. The enclosure is 5’5” tall with protective plastic top caps, and is sized carefully to fit the Pure Fun 14 ft. outdoor trampoline.


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My kids love playing on this in the warmer months.


I struggled with getting this for my kids as it I was worried it would take up so much space and it would destroy my grass. I am so glad I broke down and got it. My kids love it and use it everyday during the summer months. I have a decent sized back yard and I have it sitting off in a corner of the yard and it fits perfectly there. I like that it has the safety enclosure so that no one can fall out while jumping around in there. My little 3 year old loves playing in this trampoline and I no longer worry as much about him getting hurt. My bigger children are into the aerobatics and the flips they can do because they have the height. It is so much fun to see them jumping around and having fun in the trampoline. One thing I would warn people about is never leave it out in the colder months because doing o will destroy the netting on it, not to mention it makes it very difficult to loosen the bolts that hold it together. If you take care of it, it will last you a long time.



Pure Global Brands Safety Net Enclosure For 14 FT Trampoline 9114E

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