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Pure Digital Technologies
Pure Digital Technologies - F160 Flash Media Camcorder

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I love our Flip!


I have the "archaic" original Flip F160. Back then, before the Flip went HD, got skinny and became such a sensation, the guy who was working in the electronics department the day we bought it actually tried to talk us out of buying it. One of the nicer things he said about it was that it was "more like a kids' toy." Yeah, he really said that. We bought it anyway because the price was so perfect for our budget and we really did like all of the features it offered. It is small and lightweight enough to slip easily into a pocket, runs on 2 AA batteries for quite a long time, is very simple to operate (it has a big, red button that you push to record and push again to stop, and a square button similar to what might be on your cellphone to scroll through videos and zoom), and it has a USB connector so that it can be plugged right into the computer to upload videos without having to mess with any cords. All this and the video and sound quality are really very good! The Flip fits right into our camera case so we don't have to haul around two bulky bags if we want to be able to take good quality video and still pictures. We use it more than we ever used our other camcorder and we take it everywhere. We LOVE it. I will say that the guy at the store was actually right about it in a way - it is so small and easy that my 3-year-olds can use it! My only complaint is that the Flip software doesn't work - at all. Every time we try to open it up, it says that there is an error and it cannot be opened. We have tried to use it on two different computers (a PC and a brand new MacBook) with the same results. Fortunately, our Mac has great video editing software so we get along fine without it. We actually don't even know what we're missing since it has never worked! We LOVE the camera itself, but the lack of software support is a letdown that keeps me from giving 5 stars.

Galloway, OH


Pure Digital Technologies - F160 Flash Media Camcorder

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