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Provo Craft
Provo Craft Gypsy Unit

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Love to customize my crafts with the Cricut Gypsy.


Top ten reason that I love my Cricut Gypsy. 1. See all my cartridges in one place 2. See what all the other cartridges have on them so I know what other cartridges I want to purchase in the future. 3. Welding items together to make custom items such as custom gift tags 4. Design anywhere such as at the park while daughter is playing. 5. Save your designs and use saved designs as a template to make other customized items. 6. Save paper from selecting where I want to put items on the matt so I can use up more of my scraps. This replaces the original design studio which was for the computer. Great way to this this tool in place of other tools such as punches. For example I have a clear stamp that is a circle image under 2" diameter. I made a full 12x12 sheet full of 2" diameter circles. Hookup my Gypsy to the Expressions select cut let the Expressions do the work I work on getting the rest of my card together to stamp my stamp onto the circles that were cut. What a quick way to make your holiday cards, tags, boxes. Very universal tool. I would recommend this to anybody that has a Cricut Expressions.


Hartland, WI


New Cricut Gypsy is awesome!


I just received my new Gypsy this weekend and am already in love with it. The controls are easy to figure out, it didn't take long to be able to create new designs. Linking cartridges was a snap, just plug in and go. If there is one problem with the unit, it is that once you receive it, you must first (before you can even really play with it), update the firmware on the gypsy. this can be an involved process because the download can take more than an hour to complete, but it can be shortened by deselecting the Imagine update (if you don't have that type of cricut cutter). I did end up having to update my gypsy twice because the first update didn't include all the recent cartridges (actually, anything after 2009 wasn't included in the first update for some reason). Even so, with a little patience, the updates can be completed. there were some comments on the web site about difficulties with the update and Cricut is working on it.


Midland, MI


Gypsy is a great addition to any scrapbook room!


I got an amazing deal on my gypsy which is the main reason I bought it, not really knowing it's full capabilities. Let me just say it is a great tool! It is a great add on to anyone who already has a Cricut. You can cut from multiple cartridges with the gypsy, you can 'weld' letters and/or pictures together making your designs that much nicer. It is portable so you can design your pages/cards/work anywhere and simply connect it to your Cricut when you are ready to do your cutting. It is compatible with all of the Cricut machines. I have found this tool so far to be well worth it's money. Beware it is still pretty new so the company is still fixing quite a few bugs, there are a lot of updates, and although it's not perfect, I think it's capabilities well out weigh the potential short term bug problems. I will say that their customer service is less than desired. I haven't so far gotten a good vibe from their customer service but if you browse the Cricut forums the people there seem to be much more helpful and willing.


Ada, MI


The Gypsy Allows You to Use Your Cricut Anywhere!


I recently got the Gypsy unit for my Cricut mashine and I love it. It's lightwieght and very user friendly. I linked all of my cartridges and upgraded my Cricut system with 2 hours. Right now, ProvoCraft is also offering 5 free cartridge downloads when you register your Gypsy-that is an amazing deal. I love the convenience of working on a project at my sons' sports practices. It's easy to save what you are working on and retrieve it when you are home and ready to cut. I'm looking forward to taking it to crops and vacations! The only drawbacks are the small screen and the fact that you can't unlink cartridges. Once you link a cartridge to your gypsy, it is linked forever. That's a bummer if you like to sell your cartridges when you are done with them. I still highly recommend this tool to Cricut lovers!


Hamilton, OH


I'm a Cricut lover who doesn't like the Gypsy


I have had my Gypsy for a little over a year now.  I got mine as a gift when they were first released.  I have given this tool a good try and just do not like it at all.  The screen is small and the images are hard to see without zooming in, which is a pain to do constantly.  I would much rather design something on my computer rather than this tiny device.  Maybe if I traveled more, I would find a use for something portable, but I really don't at this point.  My biggest complaint is that once you sync a cartridge to this device, you cannot un-sync it.  Provo Craft's policy states that you cannot sell your Gypsy without the ACTUAL cartridges that are linked to it.  This makes it so that you are stuck with this device even if you decide you don't like it or don't use it enough.  Many Cricut owners use and re-sell their cartridges once they are finished with certain projects and this device makes it so you cannot do that.  I regret linking so many of my cartridges because now it's just sitting in a drawer collecting dust. 


South Bend, IN


Provo Craft Gypsy Unit

4.0 5