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Proscan 7" Android Tablet

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Pretty Decent Tablet for Kids


This is a good tablet for kids to use. It is lightweight and comes with a detachable keyboard. Battery Life The battery life on the Proscan tablet is just okay. I can usually watch one movie in it's entirety before the battery dies. So that is about two hours of battery life. Processing Speed This laptop doesn't run on Google Chrome or anything. It is an Android tablet so it runs a bit slower than what you can expect from a Chrome or Apple laptop. Weight Extremely lightweight! The detachable keyboard makes it heavy, but the tablet itself is lightweight for the most part. App Availability Unfortunately, I cannot find the a number of apps I would download think you should find available on most other tablet. I would gift this tablet to a kid as most game apps are available. Design Very simple sleek design. Simple and clean Durability I have had this tablet for almost two years. It has not failed me yet! I have used this tablet while traveling, working, and simply relaxing. Works perfectly!




unresponsive tablet


I bought this tablet for my grandchildren to use when I babysit them. After one week of ownership, I returned it to the store. It was exceptionally slow, unresponsive, kept freezing, and a lot of the downloaded games would not open. This was a replacement tablet for my older one which broke (I-View). Both tablets were in the same price range and had a lot of the same features, but the Proscan was much inferior, especially being unresponsive. The processing speed was the same on both tablets, but the Proscan really was too slow. I would NOT recommend this tablet at all. Battery Life Average battery life for a tablet, about 2 hours of constant running. Processing Speed Exceptionally slow. App Availability Many apps and games are available through Google Play. My grandchildren downloaded about 100 games. I purchased an 8gb memory card and all the games were put on that to save the tablet's memory. Design It is a nice design for a 7" tablet. Durability I really cannot comment on the durability as I only owned it for one week before I returned it to the store.


East Falmouth, MA


Proscan 7" Android Tablet

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