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Nextbook 7" Android Tablet

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Great Product!


I saved up the money to buy my Nextbook tablet as a Christmas present to myself last year. I love it. I do wish it had more memory, I filled it up rather quickly. However, it is lightweight, and so much fun! It fits perfectly into every purse I own so I can easily take it with me everywhere I go, and I do. I am never without my Nextbook tablet. I love that it has Google Play and Google Chrome on it already because I have always been loyal to Google. I have books, games, the Bible, live wallpapers, and so much more on my Nextbook. It is a little bit slow, but I suspect that is probably because I have filled it up to 93% of it's capacity. If you purchase this tablet, you should download the CleanMaster app from Google Play though because if you do not, your tablet will fill up very quickly with cache and junk files. Other than that, I can not get enough of this touchscreen tablet. I would love to get a second one for my husband! Battery Life I charge my tablet completely and then unplug it and do not charge it again until it tells me too. I keep it on pretty much all the time and my battery lasts for four hours. Processing Speed Mine is a little bit slow, but I suspect that is because I have so much on it. Weight Very light weight and portable. Durability Be very careful not to drop it!



A great beginner's tablet.


I bought this tablet because of it's price, the pre-installed Google Play Store and because of it's reviews. I must say for the price I paid and also along with it's features that it is a great tablet. It's graphic's , fonts and the screen quality aren't the absolute best, but it's great for the price and well beyond it's price as I've seen worse. Battery Life Not surprisingly the battery life of this tablet isn't that great. 2 hours tops if in constant use. But it's a fast charger and if the battery indicator is so low that it gives warning, it recharges to full within about 40 minutes. Processing Speed The processing speed isn't the best as I think that the reason is that it's single core. Weight This tablet is light and comfortable. App Availability The app availability is great as it comes with several of Android's pre installed apps as well as Barnes & Noble bookstore and eBook reader, and you can also get many great apps in the Google Play Store as well. Design The design is simple and very nice. Durability I have to give this tablet high marks for durability as it still looks and acts great after 2 years of ownership, and also after allowing my grandson to have at it in the past year.



The screen is always freezing up and the battery dies fast.


We've owned one of these for about 9 months now and the screen, while you're browsing or playing a game, is always freezing up. The only solution for it is to restart the tablet. It started doing that after owning the product for 3 months. -The battery dies fast also. When fully charged, my son can play a game on it for about 90 minutes, then it will die and needs to be charged. -Also, the back of the tablet gets really hot after 30 minutes of use. -The screen is very clear, however, you have to hold it at a certain angle otherwise, it gets really hard to read the screen. -There are a lot of apps we wanted but could not get because of compatibility issues. -this tablet is very affordable and is good for checking emails or maybe paying bills online. If you need to be using a tablet for reading e-books or for work, or homework, I suggest you get something better. App Availability a lot of apps are not compatible with this. Design simple.

Jacksonville, FL


convenient yet annoying


I am not a person whom is up to speed on the modern technology. This next book is the only form of a computer which i own. It is small and handy, but sometimes that's its biggest problem. Its small. I have to keep my apps to a minimum, or limit the usage on certain apps as it slows up and sometimes shuts itself down. I also have a hard time seeing some web pages. You can adjust the settings, but its still bothersome. Also, some of the apps I want, I can't get because of comparability problems. But on the flip side, they are affordable and pretty handy.my five year old has one of her own and doesn't have trouble operating it, so they are easy to use. You can't do anything that requires more than just surfing, checking email, games, or some light reading, but they are great for a quick check on something, pay a bill, or play a game! Overall they are good to have.



Nextbook 7" Android Tablet

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