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Progressive International LKS-06 Lettuce Keeper

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Progressive Lettuce Keeper is a good product.


The Progressive International LKS-06 Lettuce Keeper is a good product. I didn't find it any different than the old one I had. It does a good job keeping your lettuce fresh and stops it from wilting. It's a good size to keep in the refrigerator, it does'nt take up a whole lot of room, which I like because some others are really large and I had a hard time fitting in my refrigerator. The lid stays on better than my old one did which is a good thing. I would say to go and buy it, because it does a good job!

Wanaque, NJ


Keeps it Fresh


It's a great idea to keep your lettuce in to keep it fresh and crisp for longer periods of time. Not too big,it fits just right in the fridge. The price is just right and keeps the food lasting longer than before.

Winter Haven, FL


Progressive veggie keeper is way too big and doesn't work


The Progessive Vegetable Keeper seemed to me a versatile and worthwhile item to have.  I eat a lot of vegetables and try to keep them as fresh as possible by keeping them in the crisper drawer, usually in a bag individually.  I especially like to have lettuce on hand regularly.  Buying this vegetable keeper seemed like a good idea--I could fit more vegetables in my drawer this way!  But I found that the keeper couldn't hold a full head of lettuce, you have to cut it.  And I am not getting the impression that the other vegetables I have tried in it, like grapes or broccoli, have fared better for longer.  Not to mention, it takes up a ton of space in my small-ish fridge.  I'm disappointed in this product and wish I could return it in favor of buying a few more plastic bags.  I thought this product would help me save the environment and plastic bags, but so far I have been sorely disappointed!

Plymouth Meeting, PA


Progressive International LKS-06 Lettuce Keeper

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