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ProForm 345S Crosswalk Treadmill

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Great and worth every penny


For the past two years, after losing enough weight and gaining more than enough muscle, I kind of became an exercise nut. I try to either run or ride my bicycle every morning, but it has recently become more difficult with both my job and law school getting in the way. If it isn't my lack of energy from work, it's my lack of time from studying, so I decided to get a treadmill. Being a person that does research before buying things, I managed to find this one. I bought it two months ago and since then it has been an invaluable purchase, making it infinitesimally easier to do my exercise since I don't have to worry about going to the gym or the conditions outside. I have found the treadmill to be great; it tracks everything about my run that I need to know including the basics like distance and heart rate, but also tracking my carbs, average pace, and running speeds across the entire run. In my personal opinion, this is a fantastic treadmill that is worth the money.



Doesn't give much slack in absorbing shock.


I've had my treadmill for about 1 to 2 years. It's good to run on a non-elevated platform. I feel like when I elevate it, the treadmill doesn't sink in low enough to fully absorb the shock of my foot pounding down into it. It may cause slight knee aches. I'm not sure if that's a health issue or a design issue. When trying to increase elevation it moves very slowly and feel abnormal, I'm not a big fan of running through mountainous treadmills. The preset courses are great. The speed settings are great. I think the pulse modulator is inaccurate but I'm not sure. Having used it over the year it hasn't shown any signs of malfunction, so this treadmill is alright. I would invest in a bet treadmill that considers joint impact.

Silver Spring, MD


ProForm 395 Crosswalk Treadmill Great...


Its easy to use, and programmed workouts a great feature when you are not certain of your workout goal for the day. It can be bit noisy at times it is well worth the money. It has affordable features such as folding unit, automatic incline, adequate motor. It also has a optional safety clip magnetic key which stops the treadmill if you trip or fall.



Proform 345S Crosswalk Treadmill


I just love this treadmill I workout everday but Sundays I gained alot of weight over 3 years ago (do to meds)  and I was so upset and my Dr sent me to another Dr and she sat down with me and told me what needs to be done so I did everything that I needed to be done I ate and worked out and went on the treadmill everyday I started out slow and worked my way up and within a year I lost 50 pounds I cant not do to much cause I have an illness that stops me from doing to much but I feel so much better now in the last month I lost 17 pounds I am feeling the best I have in the last 3 years I can fit into clothes that I couldnt in years this treadmill is the best I love everything to do with it I looked around before I bought one took me a month before I would buy one and I am glad that I bought this one I am very happy with it everyone in my family just about uses it now so if your looking for a treamill this is the one

Utica, NY


The Proform 345S Crosswalk Treadmill is not that great.


The Proform 345S Crosswalk Treadmill is a pretty basic treadmill. It has all the average treadmill features including manual control of the speed and incline, and there is a security and a pulse monitor. However, it is simply not that high quality . I've had it for a substantial amount of time and it has failed to meet my expectations. It doesn't appear to be made for running on, which somewhat defeats the purpose of having a treadmill. When you run on it the belt will stop and start which will cause you to trip. This was not the case for me in the first few months but after a while of owning it this became a constant problem. One good thing about it is it's easy to store.  It can be folded so that you can fit it tight spaces when it's not in use, which is good because if you're a runner you're probably not going to use it much.  If you just want to walk but for whatever reason don't want to go outside, this machine would be a good investment but if you want to do any serious cardio exercise then you'd be wasting your money.

Alameda, CA


Good tread mill for the money


This is a good tread mill for home use compact and a lot of veratility. The various workout programs really provide a good through workout. The programs offer both cardio and fat burming workouts. This is a perect model for a home gym which results in using it when ever you want to and you do not have to drive to the gym. Proform offer a quality product. Proform is a standard used in most gyms and the proform 345s crosswalk meets the standards of the units used by most gyms. This is a great purchase if this is your first treadmill you are buying. The operation is straight foward and easy to learn. once you set the treadmill and plug it in you are ready to used it. Read the manual to learn what the programs to and what type of workout the provide. Once you get past the set upyou're off and running! The treadmill offers the running in the privacy of your home and the weather is not a factor so if its raining out side there is not reason not to run. The treadmill id easy to use if you're using a program there are two ways to set it just press the program or you can use it manually. just enter wieght, age  and cardio or fat burner and the onboard computer calculates the rest  and will determine the incline and speed of the session. If the speed or incline is not right for you you can modify them. Either way this is a quality machine and would a be a valuable piece for your home gym. Another good thing is this availble at most sporting good stores and can be picked up at the store and does not have to be shipped " no extra shipping Costs"

Riverhead, NY


ProForm 345S Crosswalk Treadmill

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