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Proctor & Gamble
Proctor & Gamble Febreze Odor Eliminator for Smoke and Mold Odors

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A big disappointment


This product does NOT work as advertised. I am usually a big fan of febreeze products because they DO eliminate odors. However they epically failed with this product. Not only does it NOT mask the smell, instead just infusing it to make it smell worse than it did before you used the product, but it lingers the scent is just horrid. I would not recommend this product to anyone who has a sense of smell. It WILL offend your senses! I would rather smell like a walking ashtray than smell like this crap. This product has seriously lowered my opinion of febreeze in general I do not know what they were thinking but I will not be buying this particular febreeze product again. A huge disappointment. Performance It doesn't even mask the odor let alone eliminate it, it just makes the odor worse. Scent No one with a sense of smell is going to like the smell of this product. I have always loved the different scents of febreeze products but this one fail far from the mark of the standards that this company usually has.





I just think this product does not las long enough. I could use a whole bottle in less than a week only to find that my house still has the same odor as it did before I started using Febreze. It still only masks bad odors and doesn't kill pet odors as it says it does.

Belfry, KY


Darn this stuff gets under my skin!


I can't stand the smell, nor the ever lingering after odor. Spay it on the furniture or in your car, and the odor gets into your clothes and skin, and the stink lasts forever. It is overpowering, even when using just a light spray. I used this in my car and had to have the upholstery cleaned 3 times to get the rancid odor out of the fabric and foam rubber. My shirt stunk, I stunk and it lingered on for days in my clothes and skin. I have compared the effects of this product and oust. Oust by far produces less lingering or OLD SMELL effects than Febreeze. Then one day my employer bought this product and sprayed it in all of out vehicles. We all went home smelling of Febreeze and had to bathe with a good strong soap to get the odor off of our skin. I heard NO GOOD comments from any of my co-workers. We all had the same compliant. the one person who wore the same clothes to work the following day, still stunk from the odor. It wan't as pleasant as they show on tv. I'll buy some other product.

Milwaukee, WI


Proctor &Gamble febreeze odor eliminator for smoke and mold odor


I love Febreeze for febreeze helps me keep my air clean and sanitized for my 5 year old daughter. I feel god when using Febreeze for I know that I am doing my part as a good mother for buying this product. Ihave two dogs that live insde an when you walk into my home you wold never know they were here

Burnside, KY


Proctor & Gamble Febreze Odor Eliminator for Smoke and Mold Odors

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