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ProForm ZE9 Elliptical

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Good value for price paid


I was tired of paying high gym costs but needed something to get me moving. This machine offers a low impact workout that I need.. The machine itself is quiet. The price isn't too bad either. Had this machine for a few years now and it's still working just fine. I recommend buying the adapter to plug it in because batteries don't last very long.




A great elliptical overall.


My husband and I purchased the Pro-Form ZE9 last spring (2010). We researched for quite some time many different models and prices. We went to Dick's sporting goods store and tried out every single one they had. The cheaper ones seemed, cheap. They were wobbly, didn't have as good of a warranty and not many features. This one seemed very sturdy even while going as fast as we could go. It is very large and heavy. We ended up moving a few months ago and it was a bear to move and hard to manuver so make sure you put it where you want it to stay. It does have wheels on the front to move it but is still hard to move. I can't comment on putting it together because we opted for the extra fee and having someone else do it. It took a guy who does it often 4 hours so I'm sure it would take someone at least a good day to get it together. As far as features it has time so you can see how long you've worked out (or if you use a preset workout, and there are a few as well as a place to create your own, how much time is left), how many rotations you've done, (and there is no other way to calculate distance) and heartrate monitor, but I honestly don't think it's accurate. Sometimes in the middle of my workout it says my heartrate is 78 but I'm huffing and puffing. It is also MP3 compatible so you can play your music right out of the elliptical and it counts your calories burned (and you can burn a lot in 30 minutes!).  The ZE9 also features 20 performance workouts, 2 calorie-burn workouts and 2 Create & Save workouts. It has easy touch features for ramp (incline) and resistance. It also has buttons right on the handle bars that move to up and down your inclince and resistance. It is a good sturdy elliptical.


West Middlesex, PA


ProForm ZE9 Elliptical

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