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ProForm XP 615-Treadmill

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Great first Treadmill


I recently purchased the Proform XP 615.  It is a perfect first treadmill.  I love the fold up feature, it fits in my bedroom perfectly.  The controls are easy to understand and use.  I highly recommend it.

Chandler, AZ


nice equipment for easy workout


We bought this treadmill and paid a what a thought was a fair price. Overall the equipment worked well for about a year. I put it to the test. The treadmill is good for easy jogging and short periods of exercise at moderate pace. Anymore than that the track will start to skip. One that occurs it is difficult to make adjustments and fix. I have been fixing this thing for a year but can order parts easily (not cheaply) from an afetrmarket company. Overall all very good, just take it easy, and it will last longer.

Schenectady, NY


it's alright


I have had the product since January and have already had to have the belt replaced since it snapped.  I bought it from sears and had bought the extra warrenty.  They had to come to the house twice to fix it.  First time because they didn't have the part.  2nd because the part came.  It was a pain in the next for the guy to repair.  I do like the bike overall.

Plainview, NY


It is sturdy and reliable


I have had numerous treadmills in the last 20 years. The Proform XP650 has lasted longer than all my other treadmills.  I am a person that actually uses treadmills and this one has lasted a long time.  It has had to be repaired one time, but I had the extended warranty on it and it cost me nothing.  I have had other treadmills that have had to had repair work on it and still had to be replaced after two years.  I like to watch television while I am running, but you are also able to read on it.  I would think you could walk on it and read, but it is difficult to run on it and read. You can set it for different courses and it will take you up and down hills.  I love that it folds up so it is not in the way when it is not being used.  The fan is also a great idea it blows right in my face and keeps me cool when I am sweating during my run.

Defuniak Springs, FL


The Proform XP 615 is a great treadmill for beginners!


The Proform XP 615 treadmill is a great product for beginners.  This treadmill is easy to use, easy to assemble, and folds when not in use.The Proform XP 615 allows you to view both your time and distance while walking.  You can also view calories burned.  This treadmill has 12 programs installed to choose from.  However, if you don't feel like doing a program, there is also a quick start feature that allows you to adjust the speed and incline manually while walking.  The Proform XP 615 is very versatile.  You can go up steep hills, do a flat incline, walk, run, or jog.  This treadmill also has ProShoxMax Cushioning to make the exercising easier on your joints.  This treadmill is very durable and does not move or shake while running or walking on it.  The Proform XP 615 is a great treadmill for those who are just beginning to work out.

Lincoln, NE


ProForm XP 615-Treadmill

4.0 5