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ProForm 610

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This treadmill has been there for me


I have had this treadmill for over a yr now and like many others i first bought it with the idea i would be in great shape, lose weight, use it on a daily basis because it was there for convenience. Well, reality struck me about having it for just over a few months. It started to be more like a coat rack, im sure many others can relate to this. Well, I recently have started back up again after almost a yr. I got it all cleaned up and out of the corner, took off all the coats lol and started walking. Well, after sitting for so long i wasnt sure how it was going to be, still all in great shape, not me the treadmill. I love the proshoxmax cushioning that is has, you can really tell a difference. I also love the idea of the key to attach to yourself so if for someone reason something goes wrong, when it is pulled, that is it, it will shut off. But i wish there was a more permanant key, im afraid to lose it and if i do, it wont run without it. I understand the safety part, but it would be nice to have a special way to permantly hook it to the machine. I have been faithfully using my treadmill for the past couple of wks and it is a great feeling. I plan on continuing with my walking, especially on those not so nice days I have no excuse to get myself into gear.

West Branch, MI


Most easiest to use by far!


I recently decided it was time to start trying to get back in to shape. I looked and researched for several months before deciding on the Proform 610. It was a great value for the money, plus I was able to get it on sale at a retailer. Setup was extremely easy. The manual on the machine was very easy to understand. Keeping track of all the monitors is also a cinch. I like to be able to keep track of calories being burned, my current heart rate, and the mileage that I am traveling all at the same time, and this machine delivered all with ease. The belt is more than wide enough for a person to walk or jog comfortably. Perhaps it is my clumsiness, but sometimes I have a problem with my shoestrings trying to get caught up in the belt. I have noticed that this has never been a problem with this machine. I highly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to lose weight and/or just try to get in more exercise.

Unicoi, TN


fun and healthy


I love my treadmill.  It is portable that I can roll it around anywhere in my house.  Just in case company is coming I can roll it away in a closet.  yet it is attractive enough to leave set out if you have no where to store it.  I love the auto shut off if you would happen to fall off of it.  All you have to do is attach the string to your belt etc which will disconnect if the treadmill gets away from you.  lol  Sometimes I will get distracted and forget to step just in time which will cause me skip a beat on my stepping and I will kind of stumble.  However, because it has the great grip bars that read your pulse, etc they are also a safety feature for me.  They keep me from falling off when I "skip a beat".  It is so easy to move with the front wheels.  All you do is fold it up, tip it back and push or pull away.  It really is that simple.  Also, after a while when you need to adjust the tread on it all you have to do is turn a screw on the bottom side which is easily reached, and move the tread whichever way it needs to go with the turn of the screw.  When I first got it and opened the box the dashboard had a small crack on it.  It was still usable, but because I bought it new I called the company and they sent me another one within 2 weeks for no charge.  They were totally very easy to work with.

Dayton, OH


ProForm 610

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