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Prince Lionheart
Prince Lionheart PottyPOD

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Perfect for litle boys!


After taking my son to the store to pick out a potty, I quickly noticed a trend. While there were several potties that he would have happily brought home (ones that played music or looked like a race car were popular with him), I refused to purchase them for 2 reasons; 1) he seemed to struggle to sit down onto them, as in they were too low for his height and 2) the little pee guards were no where near the place they needed to be in keeping a little boy's stream directed into the potty while sitting down. After much investigation and reading a lot of reviews, I came across the Prince Lionheart PottyPOD, and it has been absolutely FABULOUS! This ingenious little potty does not have bells and whistles on it, but it does have a soft and comfortable seat for little bottoms, a base that allows for height adjustment, and the PERFECT pee guard for little boys. Best of all, my son actually uses the potty, and WANTS to sit on it! The only downside I had on this was the price, but in the end, I hear of people going through 3 or 4 training potties before hitting upon "the one", so I think this was money well spent to have nailed it on the first try.




Prince Lionheart PottyPOD

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