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Prince Lionheart
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Prince Lionheart Fireplace Guard

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Stays in place!


We purchased these fireplace guards about a year ago, and have been very pleased with how they have stayed in place, because that was our biggest concern.  We worried that our son would crawl over to them and pull on them and that they would simply fall off, but they haven't.  It takes a little cutting to get them to fit your specific fireplace, but it doesn't look patched together.  Our fireplace is about a foot off of the living room floor, so as children are learning to walk and even crawling, it is a potential hazard for them falling and hitting those hard brick corners and edges. We have been very pleased and would recommend them to anyone with a fireplace or any edges that are a hazard to your baby or toddler.  I think the corner guards would also work really well for a coffee table or a kitchen island, when your child is tall enough that his/her head is even with an island counter top. 

Kinston, NC


Pricey but worth it for my peace of mind


We purchased these before our daughter first began to crawl because we were renting so we needed a temporary fix that could be removed once we moved. They were easy to install and we personally never had any problem with the adhesive coming unstuck or the bumpers coming off. They lasted our entire stay (1.5 years) at our old rental suite and we actually left them on when we left because they made the fireplace look "finished." They did their job as far as protecting our daughter from the sharp corners and edges of the fireplace. She never did (or rarely) fell directly on to the sharp edges, but it gave me peace of mind while I was going to the bathroom or cooking dinner that I didn't need to be RIGHT next to her to catch her, but only needed to keep an eye/ear out for her to possibly prevent any mishaps. It also made me feel safe if we had playdates that no other child would hurt themselves on our fireplace. It's so hard to predict what another child will be like at your home. My inlaws even installed them at their house on their fireplace and are thankful they did! The only drawback was the price! They were super pricey!!!

Riverton, WY


Mostly happy with this product


I have been mostly happy with this product. The Lionheart fireplace guard has definitely prevented my child from getting a number of bumps and bruises so I am definitely happy about that. The only problem is that certain cushions have repeatedly fallen off. The package comes with five straight cushions and two corner pieces. I used the adhesive to put the guards on our fireplace. Within about a week, both corner pieces had come off. I reapplyed more adhesive and they stayed on another week or two. It is kind of annoying to have to continually reapply the adhesive, but at the same time, they have definitely prevented some injuries so  I feel like it is worth it. It looks a lot better than laying a blanket over the entire front of the fireplace which is probably what I would have to do if I didn't have these.  Most of the guards have stayed on without trouble, it is just the corner pieces that I have to reapply. So while it is not perfect, overall I have been happy with this product. After all, I would rather reapply the guards a couple times than take my child to the emergency room!

Ballwin, MO


Many bumps are prevented from the Firplace Guard


What a wonderful invention!  We picked these up at the store once our daughter started getting mobile and I am sure glad we did!  There have been many times in the last year that she has hit or come very close to falling on our fireplace and these have saved her little head from getting hurt.  My mom said they had to always put a blanket down to protect our heads but I love these cushions as they are more fashionable then a blanket:)  They are very easy to apply and I do not remember us having to cut one piece down in size, although it would be easy if you needed to,  so they must fit most standard fireplaces.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how well they have stay on.  For awhile my daughter was trying to pull them off and she was not able to.  Her favorite new thing is to jump off the fireplace and yet they have not fallen off and still look great!  I have no complaints about this product, these cushions are a lifesaver and I always highly recommend them to friends who have new babies. 

Santee, CA


Prince Lionheart Table Guards -- Good, in theory...


Prince Lionheart Table Guards -- Good, in theory...  The concept is so good -- who wouldn't want to protect their child's precious little head?  Especially when they're first 'cruising' and walking, each little spill is full of possible danger.  With our first child, we were so worried that she's bump her head while learning to walk that we purchased these bumpers.  We put them on the coffee table, the entertainment center, the bookshelf, and the dining room table.  Classic first time parent overkill -- we were geniuses and we felt so good about doing he right thing and protecting her.  The concept is great except they repeatedly fell off of each and every table.  Repeatedly.  And each time you re-apply one, the already faulty adhesive is even more faulty.  I suppose that the manufacturer must consider what the adhesive might do to furniture, but this is ridiculous.  I think they only lasted a week before ending up in the trash.

Crown Point, IN


Prince Lionheart Fireplace Guard

3.8 5