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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Finger Guard

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Works but not needed


I first purchased this product when my 1 year old learned how to open and shut doors. Our door handles are a non traditional shape so I thought this product would keep his fingers safe while blocking him from slamming doors shut when he got older. Honestly I used them for a week then gave up. It is sooooo much easier to just find a door handle lock (even really expensive ones) and use those. Then you can close the door whenever you'd like without having to take this product off. This is a great product that works as described but save your money and buy other safety items ;)


Beaumont, CA


Keeps fingers safe


I got this for our doors a few months ago when my son started gettinga round on his own more and assumed I'd have to replace them every few months. So far- still on the original set! They are really durable and hodl their shape much better than I thought they would. They slip onto the doors so easitly and quickly that they are perfect. One thing I also love about them is that they fit perfectly on the door knob when I'm not using them. When I need to shut a door and dont want to misplace or the finger guard, I put it on the knob, and it's always just right there for when I need to very quickly put in on to prevent pinche fingers! Another great thing about how simple they are: my guests don't have to have a Master's Degree in childproofing to fingure them out! So mnay baby prooing materials are impsooble to figure out and this one is just good common sense with no extra frills. Perfectly does the job it's meant to do!


Jackson, NJ


This is a must have for your baby safety.


I absolutely love these door stoppers.They are on every door in my house.I have had many smashed fingers before I discovered these Safety 1st Door Stoppers.They are a simple piece of foam that when I am not useing because of me shutting the door,I hang them on the door knob.It is a wonderful invention.Safety 1st Door stoppers are simple,usefull, and a much needed item to add to your baby proofing.If you are a mom like me who is very protective of your child,and are safety conscious then you probably already own one for every door.I highly reccommend Safety 1st Door Stoppers.You do not need the fancy animal shaped door stoppers by other companies because they cost twice as much and do not do any better job than the Safety 1st Door Stoppers do.I have tried them all,and Safety 1st is at the top of my list.


Fernley, NV


this is the best product out there to protect little fingers!


No more pinched fingers. I learned very quickly and early on that these were essential. My son was addicted to playing with doors. These work great and do not require any hardware. You just take them out of the box and put them right on the doors. They blend in nicely, so they are not an eyesore to look at. These have saved me at least 20 fingers!!!!!


Riverview, FL


A Must Have!


I have the Safety 1st Finger Guards on all the bedroom doors in my house. My youngest is 5 and we still use them. With 3 kids, ages 11,8, and 5 running around the house, there is a daily chance of a hand or finger getting shut in a door. When they are running around playing from room to room or chasing each other in a quick game of tag, its a lifesaver. WIth the weather bad, the kids play inside more often. My kids have outgrown these for all practical purposes, but I love them!


Lorena, TX


We All Know How Many Fingers Get Pinched without Finger Guards!


We received these Safety 1st Finger Guards approximately 6 years ago while we were expecting our first son. It was at that moment that we realized how unprepared we were to assure the safety of a little person! This was an eye-opening moment for me as I realized that I had never thought about the possibilities of all of the squished fingers that would occur without something this wonderful in place. Sure enough, as our son hit about the one year mark, as he was crawling and soon toddling up and down our hallway one of his favorite past-times was to close all doors. We knew it was time to pull out the Finger Guards that we had received. Using these we were able to prevent him from squishing his tiny little digits. Sure, he got frustrated that the doors would not close all of the way, but he got over it quickly. Also, it allowed him to go into his room and "close" the door and then be able to come back out on his own since the door had not shut completely. Great product that would be a perfect baby gift for first-time parents!


Savannah, GA


good product but not all that necessary


My mother in law bought these Safety 1st  Finger Guards for us when we were expecting our second child.  I'll start by saying that they work and neither of my children has pinched a finger, severed a finger, smashed a finger, or lost a fingernail since we installed them.   The problem is that none of this stuff happened before we had these products either.  I think this is a great example of companies taking advantage of parents willingness to buy a ton of different products and spend a ton of money on products that could potentially prevent some sort of accident that will probably not happen anyway.  If you ask me you should save the money on these and buy more outlet covers, or the things that go over the doorknobs.  Those prevent real accidents that can cause serious bodily injury.  These keep a kid from pinching their finger.  In my experience, a pinched finger results in a kid learning the lesson to not do that again or be more careful.


Oxford, PA


Basic and great


We got ours from a friend, who apparently never got around to using it.  This product is just a foam C which is placed around the edge of a door, to keep it from closing fully.  It's flexible enough to fit any household door, and if you place it at adult eye level, there's no way your toddler's getting it off.  It's large enough not to lose easily, easy to remove with one hand, if you want to close the door, and can take repeated attempted door slamming. We use ours on the laundry room, to make sure the door doesn't close, since our litter box is there.  We use a ribbon attachrd to hooks on the door and wall to keep the door from opening more than cat-width, so our toddler can't get in.  Between these two modifications, we basically have an indoor cat door, with very little effort involved.  Buy a couple of these for your own use, or throw them into a shower gift, and you'll probably find they see a lot of use.


Maricopa, AZ


A must if you have kids and want them to keep their fingers


I have two wild hyper crazy boys that love to run around and slam doors. I spent a lot of time worrying about hurt fingers, smashed fingers, bloody fingers, broken fingers, even missing fingers especially after a family I know had their daughter nearly sever the finger of her little sister while playing around and slamming a door. Then I saw these styrofaomish (not really but it feels like  rubberish styrafoam) u shaped child proofing devices. I bought a few and stuck them up high on the tops of several doors in my home. Now the doors don't slam, they just bump open again. Easy Peasy lemon squeasy, my kids still have their fingers, doors are not actually slammed and Mommy's nerves are no longer shot due to door slams(they are wavering for other reasons now, thanks for asking). These child poofing u's also double as very fun cat toys. My cats love to toss them up in the air, knaw on them and chase them all around the house. When I notice they are missing from their proper place, I put them back on the doors and while they are claw marked up, they still work as finger guards, their real purpose. An excellent product to save fingers & mommy sanity.


Fayetteville, NC




This is a must-have for at home as well as any daycare centers! Many parents/caregivers need something to protect children from door-slamming. This finger guard is made of a white smooth material that can be wiped clean and sanitized (especially if being used in a bathroom). It is placed at an adult level on the door and actually stays put very well! I have never had one fall off becuase it wasn't secure enough. This finger guard has prevented so many accidents where I have used this! This prevents a child's fingers from being caught in the door. It also allows the caregiver to hear the child in case the child needs help. This guard also prevents a child from locking himself in the bathroom. We have used this in the daycare where I work and I use this at home. Children are constantly opening and shutting doors, so why not have extra protection for their precious little fingers?  They are very inexpensive as well!


Charlotte, NC


Safety 1st Finger Guard

4.5 10