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Prego Traditional Pasta Sauce 26 Oz

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Perfect To Add Your Own Veggies To It!


Prego is my absolutely favorite pasta sauce brand. The taste of the traditional sauce is great! It's delicious on it's own, but because there's nothing in it, you can dress it up a little bit as a base sauce. Since it starts with nothing in it, I can add everything I want to it without it being too much. I can add mushrooms, peppers, cheese, or anything else that sounds good at the time, without it overwhelming the sauce because of whatever is already in there. It's got great flavor, but you can still add a little bit of garlic, basil, or whatever spices you want, as long as it's not too much, without overwhelming anything. The sauce itself is great! It's got a very thick texture. It's not watery or runny like all the others out there. I don't have to drain it moments after I put it on the plate or in the bowl. I almost never buy any other brand, because you can't get any better than Prego.




good stuff


This is the only sauce our family will eat.  It has just the right amount of spices nad blends.  Its thinkc and zesty.  we love it.  Its not too tomatoey like another brand out there.  This will hold on your pasta and we never get tired of it


Monee, IL


Best spaghetti sauce, period!


I've been using Prego for years & absolutely love it! I've tried many other brands but they will never compare to the taste of Prego. Not only is it inexpensive but it simply has the best flavor of any pasta sauce available on the market. It's wonderfully thick & has all the right seasonings in it with just a touch of sweetness that makes it all complete. Their commercials don't exaggerate because there is NOTHING you can possibly add to make it any better because it's all in there! It is the best pasta sauce I've ever tasted. It beats all others hands down, homemade or otherwise. Not only is it great on pasta, but it also makes an excellent sauce in lasagna & on meatball subs, too. I love it...will never use anything else.


Garner, NC


Prego... Made with love from their kitchen to yours.


Prego Spagetti Sauce comes in many varietys for that hard to please palet. If you are looking for a wonderful sauce that is not watered down, has a good thickness to it, is readily available in stores, at a good price, has a good shelf life, and tastes great then you found out my kitchens secret. I love, absolutely love, using Prego. It doesn't matter if I buy the one with sausage in it, or the Chunky  garden variety it is all basicly the same... delish! If you are to try a sauce and want some consistence to it with good flavors, then this is one to try. Price wise this sauce is reasonable.When this sauce is opened it will keep for up to 14 days in your refridgerator so it will be ready when you are. This sauce is easy to add to if you prefer to add some of your own ingredents as more green peppers, mushrooms or if you prefer sauted onions, but chances are you will like this just as it is. And you know why? Because it tastes, mmmmmm good!


Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


Best spaghetti sauce


This prego sauce is absolutely the best.  Its very saucy and is worth every penny.  They have many options to choose from and also different sized to fit your family size.  I think the garden combination is the best.  Prego will rank number one on my list of best spaghetti sauces.  All of my family members use prego and really love the taste and texture of the sauce.  It has a great aroma that makes ur house smell so good when prepating a meal with prego sauce.  It also it good to make with rigotoni noodles.  Bottomline...prego is at the top of the list when it comes to dinner.  This sauce also has a great price tag.  I know staying within a budget is a must for my family.  I believe ragu would be runner up to prego.  i make spaghetti so much that my husband wants me to try out a different spaghetti sauce.  he prefers something with italian sausages but the great part about that is that prego has a spaghetti sauce that has italian sausages in it!


Normal, IL


Prego is the best sauce!


Prego Pasta Sauce is our favorite pasta sauce. It tastes like you spent all day cooking when you only opened a jar and heated it up. I enjoy using Prego sauce in many ways throughout the year. I use it when I am using different types of pasta. It tastes great with spaghetti, rigatoni, or macaroni. I like to use it when I make lasagna or baked ziti. Lasagna can be prepared so much quicker but still taste as good as it would if you made sauce "from scratch".   I also use Prego sauce in my slow cooker. I add a jar of the sauce and a bag of frozen meatballs in the morning, put the slower on the lowest temperature, and when I arrive home after work the meatballs are ready. You can make meatball sandwiches. Add a salad and dinner is ready. One added bonus from cooking with Prego Pasta Sauce is that it makes your house smell so homey and welcoming when you are cooking with it. So I recommend that you try a jar as soon as possible. Enjoy!


North Tonawanda, NY


Prego Traditional Pasta Sauce 26 Oz

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