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Pledge Multi-Purpose Trigger

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Pledge Multi-surface is not so Multi


I actually tried Pledge Multi-Surface from a coupon deal in my newspaper and then got picked to try it out as well as a BzzAgent (and report back).I'm all about one size fits all mentatlity in my hectic life but one size doesn't always fit well.Although the spray states that it can be used on stainless steel I did not like it's results which did not clean it much at all. It cleaned mirror surface A-ok and countertops fine. But definitely not as powerful as some of the other well-known cleaners like Formula 409, Lysol, etc. I had to use A LOT of the spray to get clean effect and it didn't seem to clean (I like to see a bit of suds or something so psychologically at least I feel it is cleaning!) 

Pikesville, MD


Pledge Multi-Purpose Trigger

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