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Playtex Insulated Twist 'n Click Straw Cup 9 oz

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Doesn't leak, but straw shrinks


I've had these for about 3 years now. After vowing to remove all "kid" cups from my cupboard, and throwing out a ton of them that were old, had too many parts, and generally not working, I found that I did need a couple for trips out and about. I read reviews and found this one highly recommended. I bought it again being unable to remember my previous objections to it. It just took one wash to be reminded all too well. This is a great cup in that it doesn't leak when tipped or shaken. It does overflow if left out in warming conditions as previous reviewers have mentioned. My big pet peeve with this product is that the lower part of the straw assembly seems to shrink over time. I wash mine in a basket in the dishwasher, so maybe that gets too hot??? All I know is that very soon after buying all of mine, they became unable to reach the bottom inch and a half of the cup. This drives my toddler crazy. She sees the remaining drink in the cup but can not get to it no matter what she does. Frustrated toddler = unhappy mom.

Sacramento, CA


OK but...


My daughter will only drink out of cups with straws. We have bought the kind with the spout but she is just too lazy to tip it up to get the drink out. I bought these cups when she started preschool (she is 2) so that she would have more "grown up" looking cups. Her others had cartoon characters on them. They are nice cups but they do leak if she shakes the cup or throws it down on its side. It doesn't leak out of the area where the lid attaches to the cup but it leaks out of the straw itself. I bought some of the same cups but with the spout and do not have any problems with them leaking. If only she would drink out of them! I also like the fact that you can buy the spout and the straw cups and interchange the lids. Also Playtex customer service is the best. One of the cups I bought (they were in a two pack) had an issue with the lid not clicking. I called them up and they are sending me a coupon to buy some more cups.

Mc Coll, SC


Best Sippy Cups Ever


First off, can I say what more could a mother want out of a sippy cup. My daughter loves the straws- why, probably because she sucks it and is more like a nipple than the hard lids. Second off, I love the twist and click feature, it's like locking the gas tank on your car, the click lets you know it's securely shut, and that is exactly how I would describe the clicking on this cup. Plus I love the fact that you can close the straw part of the cup and it clicks closed, so no matter what my daughter does with the cup she can not spill whatever drink is inside. And she especially likes these because the ones we got are brightly colored and patterned so it is fun to look at as well as hold and drink out of.

Provo, UT


My toddler loves these cups


I really like Playtex Insulated Twist 'n Click Straw cups. I used to use the Munchkin brand cups, but I had problems with them leaking through the straw. Also sometimes when my daughter would throw the old straw cups, there was a plastic piece on top that would fall off. We ended up losing some of them and needing new cups when I decided to buy the Playtex Insulated Twist 'n Click Straw cups on a whim. I did not have any problems with them leaking. I like that they are insulated to keep drinks cool longer. They come in lots of fun prints with bright colors. The lids mix and match well with the different prints. They are very durable and easy to clean. I like straw cups better than traditional sippy cups. My daughter's pediatrician recommended using straw cups. She said that they are better for toddler's teeth.

Newark, OH


Playtex Straw Cup is a leaker after while


My 19 month old never figured out how to drink out of a "regular" sippy that tips up, which is just as well.  Straws carry less of a stigma at 15, LOL.  She started drinking from a straw cup at around 10 or 11 months old.  At first these are great, but after a while they start to leak.  It took about 3 months before anytime she left it laying on it's side or it tipped over it dribbled out the straw.  Eventually it would even burble up out of the straw when left standing up.  Not sure why, though.  It's a great cup for a little while.  Starts out as being spill proof. Just does not end up that way.  I did like that it was insulated, though.  In the mornings when she's drinking her milk it buys her a little bit of time, plus it makes mommy feel better.  Purchasing them in a two pack is also nice since it makes them last just a little bit longer so they can be rotated.  Cleaning has also never been a problem, pretty easy to clean.  

Virginia Beach, VA


Not spill proof!


These sippy cups claim to be spill-proof however we always had a problem with them! The milk/liquid would come back up through the straw and create a mess that way.  It didn't matter where you put the arrows on when you screwed the lid on. One benefit of these cups was that they were insulated so the milk or liquid would last longer inside. They also come in a variety of nice colors and patterns for both boys and girls.  We just couldn't get over the fact that they did leak through the straw and if left in one place for an extended amount of time, a puddle would develop underneath the sippy, making a huge mess.  My daughter had no problems drinking out of them and loved them.  The straw idea is good for babies just learning to use a sippy cup.  It is hard to transition sippy cups though because with these she had to learn not to tip the sippy whereas other sippys you do actually have to tip up.  Maybe someone else would have better lucky with these.

San Diego, CA


great sippy!


My daughter loves these sippys!  She loves being able to drink out of a straw like a big girl(shes only 1)  This says that they are for ages 2+ but my 1 year old doesnt have any problems drinking out of them(actually she was drinking out of them at about 10 months of age)  I have only had them leak a little bit and I noticed that it is only when you put something cold in it and fill it alllll the way to the top.  If it is room temp. and you dont fill it all the way up it shouldnt leak!  I always have one in the diaper bag even though its usually only filled with water.  But we can't go anywhere with out them!  I have tried to give my daughter other sippy cups and she doesn't like them.  We have about four of them in the house so that I know that we always have a clean one on hand.  It is nice that a lot of retailors have these in the store so you don't have to go to a special store jsut to buy sippy cups!

Green Bay, WI


Playtex Insulated Twist 'n Click Straw Cup 9 oz

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