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Phillips Milk of Magnesia antacid

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Has worked wonders for my mom.


My mom started using Phillips Milk of Magnesia every night for about a year. She uses it for regularity.  She loves it, she recommends it highly.  I have tried for the past week but I just cant get use to my stomach bubbling after every meal, she says that my body will get use to it and I will not have this problem, but I don't know how much longer that I can handle this.  I do believe that is a good product especially for the price and the fact that it does work is selling me.  I have tried other things that did not work like some power cleanse pills from a vitamin store, but I was taking three times the amount of pills and not getting no where near the results that I get from using the Phillips Milk of Magnesia.  The pills are easy to swallow and there is no after taste, they just make me extremely thirsty.  I would recommend Phillips Milk of Magnesia for regularity or for the occasional constipation instance.

Pensacola, FL


old reliable


As an occasional heartburn sufferer ( mostly after eating spicy foods or overindulging ) , I do no often buy antacids . However, I recently found myself suffering from a bout of indigestion and needed some fast relief in order to go to work in about 6 hours without pain. I went to a local drugstore and was overwhelmed with all the choices out there . I am not one to take a lot of medicines , even over the counter ones, without trying natural remedies first , but those had failed . I needed something a little more heavy duty . I chose the Phillips brand Milk of Magnesia because it has been around for a long time and I trusted it in the past. The price was also right and it did not seem to have a lot of extra ingredients that often do more harm than good . I went home and took the recommended doseage and in about an hour's time or less  , I felt relief from the gas pains that threatened to make me use a sick day .  There are newer and pricier antacids on the market, but this old reliable did the trick at about half the price of some of the new " desinger" antacids . If it ain't broke, don't fix it , right ?

Springfield, MA


Phillips Milk of Magnesia antacid

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