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Pfaff Synchrotronic Sewing Machine

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Nice dual feed!


I love my Pfaff 1229 sewing machine. The older sewing machines are just so well made and are meant to run forever. Give them a little oil once in a while and they just keep on paying you back:) The Pfaff 1229 is great because it has the Pfaff patented built in dual feed foot, which is great because it keeps the fabric feeding at the same rate on the top and the bottom. The one thing that has broken on this machine is the little door which holds the bobbin area closed. They made this out of plastic and while it has probably lasted 30 years it did break on me. Not as well built as my Bernina 731 which has all metal parts on the outside of the machine, so that little door would be hard pressed to break unless I dropped the machine. Still the built in feed dogs make it worth it and all in all it is a nice sewing machine. It does have just the beginning type of circuit board in the inner workings so I am careful to leave it unplugged as we live in lightning country and I would hate to see it zapped due to something as simple as unplugging it when I am done. The stitch is nice and straight and the adjustments are easy. I do wish that they had made it a little easier to oil the innards as you have to unscrew things up top to get inside. (unlike the Bernina 731, which makes it so easy to get to everything). But like I said, it is a great machine and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!!


Amherst, MA


Pfaff Synchrotronic Sewing Machine

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